Kyle Dean is out of Gay Hoopla

I was informed by fellow porn fan, Jason401, that Kyle Dean will have a scene released by Gay Hoopla this coming September 5, 2016. Gay Hoopla already made a blog post about Kyle's scene with the title "Kyle Dean begged us to take him back. Forrest Marks finally gets his turn at Viagra cock."



We all know that Kyle is Nash at Corbin Fisher.



Is Nash out of Corbin Fisher? He is not. I asked Corbin Fisher if Nash was out and this was their reply "It'd seem that's an old scene that was shot before he left. Even that blog post would suggest that - it's full of not-so-subtle insults against the model that would be kind of odd if he was still actively working with them. For our part, we find Nash a delight to work with and are looking forward to filming more with him!"

*** Corbin Fisher has a 50% off for Labor Day.


Marcus Ruhl in need of $6,500 for a heart valve procedure

The father (?) of Marcus Ruhl sent a tweet today using his son's account and asked the fans of Marcus to donate to his son's heart valve procedure.

The Go Fund Me of Marcus Ruhl is asking for $6,500 "Please help me raise the help to afford surgery and speed up my recovery."


More details were given by the father (?) on his son's twitter account.

*** The last tweet of Marcus before the Go Fund Me tweet was dated August 19, 2016.

First condom scene for Vincent Diaz (aka Vinny Dias, Clyde & Rex)

He was first known as Vinny Dias (2011) at Randy Blue, where he only had an oral scene. Then, he became Clyde (2012) at Chaos Men, where he only barebacked his scene partners.



After that, he was known as Elder Rex at Mormon Boyz, where he was barebacked for the first time.


There was a pause in his gay porn career. He came back at Chaos Men this year after a 4 year absence. This time, he was versatile.



He is also known as Vincent Diaz at Men. His condom scene with Dirk Caber will be released next week, September 10, 2016.




Hot or not? Ken Rodeo

The first to release a scene of Ken Rodeo was Men At Play last June 2016.



It was followed by his scene [gallery] with Brute Club at Naked Sword.



His latest is a scene [gallery] with Wesley Woods at Falcon Studios.


This Friday, Ken's scene with Paddy O'Brian will be released by Men.


Ken on Twitter

Hot or not?