Is CF_Pete out of CF? (tip @ Kevin)

Pete did start as a model of Corbin Fisher in 2004.


According to his twitter profile, he is the editor, director, videographer & podcaster of Corbin Fisher. In a few days from now, it will be a month since Pete has gone silent on twitter.

Is he out of Corbin Fisher? Rehab?

*updated* Bargaining 101 for Men + Sean Cody for $30 as experienced by porn fan Denny

I tried cancelling my Men membership. I used the live chat to it because I have gotten rather bored with the site (scenes are all meshing together, no real variety, etc).


So, I was on the $25 a month plan. When I told the rep I wanted to cancel, she offered me the following:

- 19.99 a month (I declined)

then she offered:

-19.99 for 2 months (I declined)

then she offered:

-19.99 for 3 months (I declined)

then she offered:

-19.99 for 3 months plus 3 months of Sean Cody for 9.99


For that, I accepted. Basically 30 dollars for 6 months of both Men and Sean Cody. If you ask me, both sites must be in HUGE trouble if they are offering that type of discount to keep customers.

UPDATE David asked for the same discount but was told it wasn't being offered by them - probably by another biller.


Even as a Men exclusive, Adam Bryant is still asking for financial help

It has been 6 months since Adam Bryant has put up his Go Fund Me page. Only 4 donated and $210 out of the 5k was raised.


He is still asking his followers to help him out with his cornea transplant.

Tweets last October 1.


His latest tweet.

He is currently an exclusive of MEN. Is the pay that low that he can't afford the 5k for an important medical condition?


FYI When he was younger, Adam was arrested for fraud, drug possession, contempt of court, resisting an officer, burglary & driving for a cancelled or suspended license.