Brent Everett is asking for 10k to start his underwear line (tip @ Erik)

In 2015, Brent Everett and his business partner were accused by Michael Hoffman of theft & publishing his jerk off videos illegally. According to Brent, his company offered 8 to 10k for scenes but Michael only wanted $250 for his 14 videos.


Now, Brent is asking for 10k to start his own underwear line.


*** UPDATE Brent is now asking for 20k.

*** Brent has a profile on Wikipedia that included his real name.

Buying Eastern European content is just delaying the inevitable

Back in 2012, Big Daddy was created as a megasite to house their sites like Out In Public, It's Gonna Hurt, Rub Him & Unglory Hole in one place. A month later after Big Daddy was created, it started buying bareback content made in Eastern Europe. Then, a few months later, it showed signs of slowing down with their updates since the released dates were removed. The site has not had an update for years now.


This same scenario has happened with Randy Blue. In order to remain profitable, Randy Blue started releasing bareback content in 2015 with their US based porn stars. It wasn't successful since the studio started buying Eastern European content a year later. As of today, the site has not added a new scene since August 4, 2017.


This is also happening with Cocksure Men. The site started buying content from Eastern Europe back in 2014. The site tried to bring back content with US based porn stars in 2016 & 2017. It also tried to update their other sites. Jake Cruise was updated with a new scene after 2 years & 8 months of no updates. SG4GE was back, after 5 years, with an update this year. Now, all three sites contain recycled content.