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Fans give Brent Everett an Interview

This interview was done by the Moderator of the Brent Everett Group. Just join the group for the full interview, free to join but requires a Yahoo ID.

Brent_everett_1 4. Your double penetration scene with the other Brent is one of the hottest things ever captured on film. What are the odds that you would ever be the recipient of such action in a video?

Brent Everett: wow thanks man:) as far as the odds of me being the recipient of a double penetration, very very low :)

5. Would you do a bareback scene with Brent Corrigan?

Brent Everett: No, I would never actually do a bareback film again. That one time was with my boyfriend of 2 1/2 years. I was alot younger than I am now, and a bit naive.

7. Recently you have been just a top, will do a scene as a bottom again?
Brent Everett: Ya, I've only been a top for about 2 years now. I'm very versatile in real life...but just didn't really enjoy being a bottom on film some of the time. For those who would like to see me bottom again I did in my next movie that has yet to be released! I had a blast filming that scene so it should rock!

9. Does you family know of your Porn career?

Brent Everett: Most of my family does know about my career...and everyone is really cool about it! There still is a few family members that don't know yet.

10. Are you out to family and friends?

Brent Everett: Ya, I'm out to pretty much everyone.

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