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GayVN 2007 Winners

Michael_lucas Best Actor
Michael Lucas - La Dolce Vita (Lucas Entertainment)

Best All-Sex Video
Black-n-Blue (Hot House)
Best Alternative Release
Gay Sex in the '70s (Wolfe)

Jean_franko_1 Best Actor - Foreign Release
Jean Franko - The School for Lovers (Lucas Kazan Productions)
Best Bisexual Video
Bi Back Mountain (All Worlds Video)
Best Classic DVD
Nights in Black Leather (Gorilla) 
Spokes3 Best Group Scene
Spokes 3 (Falcon Studios) - Orgy

Best Ethnic-Themed Video - Latin
Manhattan (Raging Stallion Studios)
 Best Foreign Release
The School for Lovers (Lucas Kazan Productions)

Matt_cole Best Newcomer
Matt Cole
Best Oral Scene
Ty Hudson, Shane Rollins - Justice (Hot House)
Best Sex Scene - Duo
Brad Patton, Brian Hanson - Manly Heat: Quenched (Buckshot Productions)
Spencer_quest Best Supporting Actor
Spencer Quest - La Dolce Vita (Lucas Entertainment)
Best Threesome
Jason Ridge, Michael Lucas, Derrick Hanson - La Dolce Vita (Lucas Entertainment)
Francois_sagat_1 Performer of the Year
Francois Sagat
Best Picture
La Dolce Vita (Lucas Entertainment)

Pictures of GayVN 2006 courtesy of Falcon Studios.





G - Yahoo Groups on Gay Porn Stars

Gage_weston Gage Weston
Gay Elysium
Gay Entertainment Gods
Gay Porn Pics
Gay Star with Boots
Gay Starz Too
Gay Str8 Porn Debate
Gene Lamar
George Basten
George_vidanov_1 George Vidanov
Giorgio Canali Fans
Roberto_giorgio_1 Giorgio Roberto
Gods - heavenly male creatures
Gordon Grant
Gregor Yelson
Gus_mattox_1 Gus Mattox
Guys from East Europe 3
Guys from West Europe

Men of Porn Newsletter - February 2007

Gay Porn Star Yahoo Groups

Jason_crew_smallJason Crew - A group dedicated to stud, Jason Crew (Un-moderated)
Dominik Trojan - This Yahoo-group is dedicated to the mega cute Czech gay twink porn star Dominik Trojan (Moderated)

Stats: Place of residence: Prague | Zodiac Sign: Cancer | Height: 181 cm / 6' | Weight: 66 kg / 147 lbs | Eye Color: Blue | Dicksize: 17cm / 6.7" | Sexual Preference: Versatile
Camel, Dominik Trojan, Eugen Procci, Jaromir Foglar and Morton

Dylan_vargas_small Patrick Vesesky - This Yahoo - group is dedicated to the cute Czech gay twink porn star Patrick Veselsky (Moderated)

Stats: Zodiac Sign: Gemini | Home City: Prague | Height: 171cm / 5'7". | Weight: 65kg / 151lbs. | Shoe Size: 42 | Dicksize: 18cm / 7.1" | Eye color: blue | Hobbies: Fitness | Sports: Fitness, Swimming and Karate
Aliases: Adam Kucera, Cole Thomas, Daniel, Daniel Murdoch, Dylan Vargas, Patrick, Patrick Vesels, Patrick Veselsky and Ted Clark

Francois_sagat_small Francois Sagat - This is a fan site group for the extremely sexy Adonis god Francois Sagat (Moderated and Restricted membership)
Johan Volny and John Volny 2 - This Yahoo-group is dedicated to the mega cute czech gay twink porn star Johan Volny (Moderated)

Stats: Birthday: 27 April 1985. | Place of Birth: Jablonec nad Nisov, Czech Republic | Place of residence: Jablonec nad Nisov, Czech Republic | Zodiac Sign: Taurus | Height: 1.80m / 6' | Weight: 67 kg / 151lbs | Eye Color: Blue | Dicksize: 19cm / 7.5" | Sexual Preference: Versatile
Aliases: James, Johan, Johan Volny, Kubik, Mikyn and Vince Talbot

Adam_kubick_small Adam Kubick - This Yahoo-group is dedicated to the cute Czech gay twink porn star Adam Kubick (Moderated)

Stats: Birthday: September 10, 1983 | Zodaic Sign: Virgo | Home City: Brno | Height: 180cm / 6' | Weight: 70kg / 156lbs | Dicksize: 18cm / 7.1" | Eye color: green | Favorite Sports: Athletics
Aliases: Adam Kubick, Antonio, Jan, Jan Vobokil, Jan Vorbo/Varbo, Julian Sniper, Kuba Amigo, Neo, Robbie Master, Robbie Masters and Simon Kafner

Mark Dalton official Yahoo Group - Welcome to my official Website's group (Moderated)
Jao Pauzao - Welcome to the group of this Brazilian star - Jao Pauzao (Un-moderated)
Cameron Jackson and Cameron Jackson 2 - Cameron Jackson is undoubtedly one of the absolute hottest boys to ever grace a film, and that he's also in some of the hottest gay flicks available and being produced today is an added bonus (Un-moderated)

Gallery - Cameron Jackson with Toma Dvorak

Tom_chase_small Tom Chase Fans - Tom Chase Shrine (Moderated and Restricted membership)
Alex Chandler - Welcome to the official group of sexiest adult star Alex Chandler. Boyfriend of also super hot adult star Danny Roddick (Un-moderated)

Blog of Alexander Chandler
MySpace Account of Alexander Chandler

Adriano Lazzari - Fans of Adriano Lazzari (Moderated)
Alfredo_castaldo_small Alfredo Castaldo - Fans of Alfredo Castaldo
Messages: Moderated.

Alexandru Cuza - Fans of Alexandru Cuza (Moderated)

Straight Male Porn Star Yahoo Groups

John E Depth - What's up everyone? This is John E. Depth. Thanks to all my fans that help make D.E.F what it is today. Feel free to post your messages and comments to me here in this group (Moderated and Restricted membership)
Jean Val Jean - French hot stud, Jean Val Jean (Un-moderated)
Frank Shaft - The Worshiping Frank's shaft is based on the only dark skin male adult entertainer that I lust for over a decade. His name is Frank Shaft and what a shaft he has. He's a former NFL player, who have done alot of great scenes with major explosive wad shoots (Un-moderated)

Men of Porn Site Updates

Gay Porn Star Stuffs

(Picture with permission from Benjamin)

Q and A on Benjamin Bradley

Q: I live in Toronto Canada and love that we are legal to get married as gay men and women. Would you like to get married and do you work on the cause?
Benjamin Bradley: Yes, one day I would love to get married to the man I love. I would love to say that I work on the cause, but I know there is so much more I could do to help it.

MySpace Accounts
Benjamin Bradley
Matt Cole

Adam Champ
Matthew Rush

Ross Tylor - Personal info and background on body building.
Cast your vote for the European Porn Award

Porn's Power List

On Mark Dalton and Zeb Atlas - Rumours that the two men filmed their first hardcore video— (set to be released later this month) which they co-wrote, codirected and co-produced— seem to be unfounded.
Chichilarue - MSNBC called him the Steven Spielberg of porn
Michael Lucas
is no longer just a man – he's an empire. All porn stars bare their bodies but few bare their souls.
Aiden Shaw became an icon partly by having a thinner line between his image and his real life.

The Men of Falcon Studios at $19.95/month
Dean_monroe Derrick_vinyard Ethan_kage Joe_sport Tyler_hill Tyler_marks

More Brad Patton in Gay Games

Interviewed by Outsports.com - He's tanned with a chiseled chest. Naturally, he's shirtless, even on the ice, with tight white pants and black figure skates. Joel Mangs is an amazing, energetic, acrobatic figure skater, a former Swedish Junior Champion, a former principle skater with Disney On Ice, a two-time Gay Games gold medalist and a two-time silver medalist this summer at the first World Outgames in Montreal. "I love skating; it's my first passion," said Mangs, 34, who now lives in Amsterdam. Mangs' on-ice accolades are, though, far-overshadowed by his on-camera credits. Mangs is the real-life Brad Patton, the popular porn star of such titles as "Beyond Perfect," "Heaven To Hell," "Hot Wired 2" and "Cross Country," among others. "Joel is kind of the former me; Brad is kind of the current me," he said. "I enjoy both, (skating and porn). I can't pick one over the other."

 Olympic, Gay Games skaters in 'One Hit Wonder'

Jason_adonis_solo_2 Jason Adonis arrested in San Francisco from Vidioview.com

"Jason Adonis was arrested over the weekend in San Francisco.... According to sources, went "nutso" (the legal term, I suspect) outside a Bay area restaurant and beat a guy who had made some disparaging remarks about Jason's dinner companion, and was "dragged off by the cops and charged with  grievous bodily harm and using his body as a deadly weapon." He is currently out on 40G bail, and will be arraigned later this week....."

XXX Free Porn Sites 

(Sent by my online friend Trickster)

Jirka Gregor

F - Yahoo Groups on Gay Porn Stars

Fabio Scorpion
Fabrice Felder
Falcon’s Men
Fav Gay Stars
Favorite Gay Stars
Fernando Montana
Fernando Nielsen
Fernando Nielsen Movies
Filippo Romano Fans
Forro 2
Francesco Macho
Francois_sagat Francois Sagat
Francios Sagat Fans
Francois Sagat Fans
Frank Evans Club
Frank Towers Live
Fred_fele_small_1 Fred Fele
Fred Goldsmith
Fred Goldsmith Fan Club

Pierre Fitch

Pierre_fitch_falcon_1 5 Minutes With Pierre Fitch, courtesy of  Falcon Studios

Where are you from?

Pierre Fitch: I was born in Cornwall, Ontario. I'm now currently living in Montreal.

How did your name come about? Is there any significance to it?

Pierre Fitch: Actually Pierre is my real first name and Fitch came about because I love Abercrombie & Fitch clothing. The models are hot too, but they could be a little rougher around the edges.

How big is little Pierre?

Pierre Fitch: He’s about 8” and thick. I’m cut but I have a lot of foreskin, so I guess I can say I’m half-cut. Also his nickname is Nemo.

What was your most memorable on-set sexual experience not captured on tape?

Pierre Fitch: Bobby Williams, Jason Adonis and Colin O'Neal were filming a scene and I was watching from the sidelines and the three of them were so hot I jerked off while watching them shoot their scene.

Currently, Pierre Fitch is busy with his Official Website and has exclusive contract with Falcon Studios. My favorite in Pierre's website is his double penetration with Ralph Woods to Jorden Michaels

Here are some free galleries courtesy of his website.

Pierre_fitch_airforce_1 Pierre_fitch_boxing Pierre_fitch_hat

Pierre_fitch_jeremy Pierre_fitch_leather Pierre_fitch_snowboard_1

More Picture Galleries
Pierre Fitch in a shower.
Pierre Fitch in white underwear.
Pierre Fitch with Ralph Woods.

Videos of Pierre Fitch
Pierre Fitch in a jockstrap.
Pierre Fitch with Ralph Woods.

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Eric York - Hunk of Finland
Eric York Fans
Eric York
Eric York of Finland
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Erik Rhodes
Erik Rhodes
Ethan Masters Fan
Euro Gay Males