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Posts from March 2007

Eddie Stone selling a one of a kind item

Eddie_stone From Eddie Stone "In honor of the success and many award nominations that '2nd Inning: Little Big League 2' has received this year, I'm celebrating the occasion by selling a very rare collector's item to  one special fan.  A baseball signed by cast members of the movie, including myself, Jan Fischer, Tommy Ritter,  Theo Blake, Benjamin Bradley, Trevor Knight, Damon Demarco, Hunter James and Danny Arnez.  If you're interested, email me at eddiestone77@ yahoo.com by April 4th to place your bid.  The bidding starts at $100 with the highest bidder winning the autographed ball. I'll announce the winner April 5th. Good Luck!!"

Tommy Hansen's new group

Tommy Hansen http://groups.yahoo.com/group/tommy-hansen
Founded: Mar 29, 2007 (Um-moderated. Anyone can join)

Tommy_hansen Tommy Hansen (born Filip Trojovský) is a Czech gay adult star. He made his first appearance in 2001 in a Bel Ami video called 101 Men, Part 11 (as Filip). He prefers to bottom for his partners, but he can be seen as a top in some videos. In 2005, using his real name Filip Trojovský, he was a contestant of the Czech version of Big Brother. Trojovský is also an accomplished kick boxer, competing in the under 81kg division for his club, Arena Brno. He also plays American football with the Brno Alligators.

DOB:16 March 1982 | Cock:24cm (9,5 inch) | Height:183 cm/ 6'0'' | Weight:80 kg/ 176 lbs | Shoe size:44/ 10.5 U.S. | Eyes:Brown | Hair:Dark Blonde | Preference:Versatile | Zodiac Sign:Pisces | a/k/a:Filip
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Tory Mason Update

Tory Mason just recently updated his fans about his future projects at his Yahoo Group.

Tory_mason_bathroom ".....This weekend, I'll be dancing at the first event for White Party... at Helios Resort in Palm Sprins, CA. I'm still not sure if I'll be dancing at the rest of the events next weekend, looking into a possible age conflict, but I will send out another email to let you guys know for sure as soon as I find out.

FOR ALL THOSE HOTTIE HOTTIE MEN IN LA, I will be appearing at Cocktails with the Stars for "Tory Mason" night which will be Thursday, April 19. So if you're in the area come out for a meet and greet and take home an autograph. Who knows what'll happen, it's always a party when I'm in charge. ; )

Tory_mason_01 More excitingly, I'll be taking on my biggest role next month for a Colt/Buckshot production called "After the Prom" a homo erotic look at what a fraternity does after a college dance. I'm entirely stoked to play my character, Blitz, since he is so much like me, a total horn dog. Should be pretty fucking hot, my boy Jan Fischer is going to be in it as well and, not to mention, one of my two scenes in the video will be shot with porn legend Dean Phoenix (he's a stud). Not quite sure what the rest of the details will be (or even the lineup for that much), but it's a COLT production (for those of you who may not know, COLT was the first gay porn company, thus making it the oldest... interesting trivia, ya?) so I know it will be hot hot hot....."

More free galleries with Tory Mason

Specer Quest retires from porn

Taken from his Yahoo Group message 855.

Spencer_quest Yes, it's my retirement announcement. Please understand that with this decision comes much peace, closure, and excitement about the next chapter in my life.
Also know that I'm not disappearing.

I'm very serious about turning my website into a venue for other creative, caring, compassionate people out there who need a place meet. So it's not going to be an "adult site," per se. I'll do the occassional chat, would like to do more video stuff, write the blog---hell, eventually I'd like to have my own talk show

I hope you won't abandon the fan site. Thanks for making it a huge success....Thanks for believing in me. It's rubbed off--- because I'm actually starting to believe in myself!....More to come on here, but for now, let me just thank each and everyone of you who have offered unconditional support. I continue to have the best fans.

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Derek Brodie - Porn Star of the Week

Derek_brodie_clother Derek Brodie can now be officially called a "gay for pay" male porn star. He recently made a movie for Falcon Studios entitled Longboard directed by Chad Donovan. Other stars from Longboard are Andrew Justice, Ashton Star, Dean Monroe, Jason Harley, Jeremy Hall, Jesse Santana, Jorden Michaels, and Zackary Ryan.

Unfortunately, by the looks of the pictures, Derek Brodie looks like he is not enjoying his present job. It's all about the money.

Derek Brodie Stats: Hair Color: Brown | Eye Color: Brown | Height: 5'11" | Position: Top | Build: Gymnast | Body Hair: Moderate | Cock: 8" | Foreskin: Cut.

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