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Chase Hunter is back

Porn Star of the Week: Chase Hunter.

Chase Hunter is back again doing gay porn for Falcon Studios. Basic Plumbing II was released last 1998. Then, he came back and did Drenched I and Drenched II, then Reload and finally Tommy's Tale.

Now, he is back for the 3rd time with Basic Plumbing III
(picture gallery). Here are two pictures of Chase Hunter BEFORE and NOW. Notice any difference? The hair and he is more buffed. Other than that, I do believe he is aging pretty well. I wish I would also age gracefully like him.

Chasehunter_before     Chasehunter_now

Picture gallery of the new movie from Chase Hunter

Chase Hunter's STATS

Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color:  Green
Height: 6'
Position: Top
Build: Body Builder
Body Hair: Moderate
Cock: 9"
Foreskin: Cut