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Mike Roberts Update

Mike_roberts_update Mike Roberts just joined the We Love Mike Roberts Fan Club. "Hey group - this Mike Roberts. I can assure you this is not bogus. I recently made contact with the group moderator thanking him for this group. He can verify that it is me. I am going to post the New DVD Cover, of my soon to be released DVD "Best of Mike Roberts". This movie and "Exxxposed" are both in post production. I'll get a copy of the Box Cover form my Producer / Agent, Josh Jacobs. Josh is currently casting models for the final scene in another movie featuring me and Jason Crew. The working title is "Frisky Business". Josh said he wants to find a new name for the title. I told Josh if he posted several pictures form each scene, then all of you could suggest a name for the title. I said it should be called "UP Yours". We really need a model for the last scene to bottom for me. Any Suggestions? Look for weekly posting by me or Josh."
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