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Sean Storm on Tommy Saxx's arrest

Sean_storm_party_inthe_rear Sean Storm's reaction on Tommy Saxx's arrest from his Sean Storm Yahoo Group: "MY CONNECTION TO TOMMY SAXX: In 1999 I flew to Los Angeles and was the trophy boy for the PORNIE AWARDS. This was my first time around a group of gay porn stars and i was scared as hell. 99 percent of the porn stars didn't give me the time of day that night, however 1% did - and one person in particular: TOMMY SAXX. I went home with Tommy that night and he gave me three of his loads by morning. I was maybe a little naive still back then, but it was the first time of many when I realized what a one-night stand was. That next morning Tommy realllllly couldn't wait to get rid of me fast enough..LOL. I flew back to Illinois where I lived at the time and a few months later I had heard that Tommy became a victim of crystal meth and he soon had left LA and returned to Texas. Then I saw him in the infamous Jeff Palmer HDK bareback movie, which was awesome because I knew I wanted to do bareback movies at that point too. I hadn't heard anything else about Tommy until today's news of his brush with the law."

Roman Heart models for Dugas Tokyo

It's nice to see gay porn stars, like Roman Heart, doing mainstream modeling for Dugas Tokyo. My wish is that one of them make it to Hollywood. Wishful thinking, I know.




I would like to buy 5 white underwear of Roman Heart please :=)

The next picture is his solo gallery for Falcon Studios wearing an underwear. Maybe the Dugas Tokyo guys like what they saw and became interested. :=)


Gay Porn Stuffs from the NET

Tommy Saxx arrested

David_wiles_aka_tommy_saxx Tommy_saxx_from_falcon
(Dandy David Wiles aka Tommy Saxx in gay porn)

First seen on the net that Tommy Saxx was Dandy David Wiles was on Gay Porn Blog.

Hospital worker nabbed in ID theft "...Wiles, 29, of Dallas, was arrested Tuesday afternoon at Baylor Regional Medical Center at Grapevine on suspicion of fraudulent use of or possession of identifying information, Grapevine police Sgt. Todd Dearing said. Wiles was free Wednesday after posting $5,000 bail...."

Please hire Tommy Saxx to do another gay porn video - Sex with the convict!

News video of the arrest from CBS 11 TV.

I am torn between David and Taylor. Who would I suck first?

Corbin_fisher_01 Corbin_fisher_02 Corbin_fisher_03
Corbin_fisher_04 Corbin_fisher_05 Corbin_fisher_06

Mark Dalton Arrested Again

Mark_dalton_mugshot_2 Mark_dalton_01

According to Jason Curious website "...On May 31st, Mr. Dalton had an altercation that required the police to be called and he was arrested in Denton, Texas. I would assume at his home because the charges are: Assault/Family Violence and Interference with a 911 Call. They are misdemeanors and he was taken to the Denton City Jail and on June 1st he bailed out on $7500.00 bail. The arrest breached his current parole..." Mug shot picture from Gay Porn Blog.

Press Release: Brodie Sinclair now an exclusive of Raging Stallion.

Brodie_sinclair For a "gay for pay" guy who doesn't seem to enjoy gay sex on camera, he sure does have a lot of fans. Why else would Raging Stallion (known to hire REAL gay porn stars) sign him up as an exclusive star. But, they said "Brodie is straight, but he is about as gay as you can get... He is a Modern American Male who sees opportunity is every sexual encounter! This man is a fuck machine and he loves it all. How could we say no?" Another "gay for pay" added to list.

Brodie Sinclair at Men of Porn.

Spencer Quest in Next Magazine

Spencer_quest_next_magazine_2 Full interview at Next Magazine website.

How do you define your sexuality?
Spencer Quest: Gay, but a six-pack away.

How did Naked Boys Singing! come about?
Spencer Quest: David Gersten [the show's publicist] had read a cover interview in Men stating I had a background in singing and he asked if I'd be interested in a short run. I was a musical theater kid, so being off-Broadway was like a dream. Who cares if it was through porn?

So is porn a way for young gay guys to "make it?"

Spencer Quest: It depends on their personal definition of "making it." To make money? No. Notoriety? No. Career? No. I entered porn at the age of 36 and wouldn't have been ready prior to that. I don't recommend doing anything without understanding your motivation, recognizing your demons and knowing the risks. If someone just wants to flaunt it some, go do amateur porn on the net.

Spencer Quest retires from gay porn article at Men of Porn.

George Basten Interview

Only one thing important about the interview with George Basten aka Martin Bogdan, he is gay, definitely not "gay for pay". Very few European male porn stars admit they are indeed gay. I find him more sexy now than ever. "Gay for pay" porn stars kinda turns me off.


Picture Gallery as Martin Bogdan from William Higgins

Full Interview of George Basten (Copyright Eurocreme 2007)

Where do you live?
George Basten: I live in Prague.

Active or passive?
George Basten: Versatile, I think..

Do you have a boyfriend, a girlfriend?
George Basten: I have a boyfriend and I love him very much.

Are you only gay or do you have also love affairs with girls?
George Basten: Hmmm… I had some love affairs with a few girls in the past when I was younger… but I‘m 100% gay now.

How often do you have sex?
George Basten: Twice a week (approx).

How old were you when you lost your virginity? How was it?
George Basten: I was 16, I think.. and we were very nervous but it was pretty nice in the end…He was very good looking guy… blue eyes….muscular body.. ohhhh…


Josh Vaughn

Josh_vaughn_4 New Yahoo Group: Josh Vaughn
Founded: Jun 24, 2007

Fan Group for blond gay male star Josh Vaughn.

STATS: Age: 20 | Height: 5' 11"
Weight:170lbs | Hair: Blond
Eyes: Green | Position: Versatile
Cock: 7" cut | Sexuality: Gay
Lubbock, Texas | A.K.A: "Brent Longway"

Josh's MySpace page aka Brent Longway

He signed an exclusive Rascal contract in June '06.
Starting Young 2 (Chichilarue - Rascal Video)
Blond Leading the Blond (Doug Jeffries - All Worlds)

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Kris Lord Update

Kris_lord I can't confirm it 100% if it is truly Kris Lord. But, I recently received a comment on my blog from Kris Lord saying "Greetings from Kris Lord or Kris Kayman. The industry sure has changed.". So, I emailed him back to ask about what's going on with his life. This is the reply I got from Kris Lord "I don't want to do nudes or porn.  I've got too much invested in family, career, great job and can't take a chance on ruining that. I did continue doing parties and club gigs all through college and grad school. My wife was a stripper and didn't care and even thought it was fun. She now trains flight attendants for charter airlines. We've got two kids and travel to Europe a lot where she and I both have work assignments. Oh, my job is in electronic medical equipment and consumer product  design and sales."

In my last email with him, I asked him if I can post his email address so that fans can re-connect with him. His reply was "We probably shouldn't because I don't escort or do shows any more. A lot of them have found me here in AOL and they do communicate a lot. Some found me on the company web site. My Playgirl feature is pretty well known around the company. And my wife's girl friends won't let me live it down.  Maybe I will be immortal, or my dick will.
Actually I do have some very wealthy clients from the early 1990's that I still see regularly.  Some people just can't get enough of a big dick.