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Sean Storm on Tommy Saxx's arrest

Sean_storm_party_inthe_rear Sean Storm's reaction on Tommy Saxx's arrest from his Sean Storm Yahoo Group: "MY CONNECTION TO TOMMY SAXX: In 1999 I flew to Los Angeles and was the trophy boy for the PORNIE AWARDS. This was my first time around a group of gay porn stars and i was scared as hell. 99 percent of the porn stars didn't give me the time of day that night, however 1% did - and one person in particular: TOMMY SAXX. I went home with Tommy that night and he gave me three of his loads by morning. I was maybe a little naive still back then, but it was the first time of many when I realized what a one-night stand was. That next morning Tommy realllllly couldn't wait to get rid of me fast enough..LOL. I flew back to Illinois where I lived at the time and a few months later I had heard that Tommy became a victim of crystal meth and he soon had left LA and returned to Texas. Then I saw him in the infamous Jeff Palmer HDK bareback movie, which was awesome because I knew I wanted to do bareback movies at that point too. I hadn't heard anything else about Tommy until today's news of his brush with the law."