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Jean Franko, Rj Danvers, Straight Sex for Gay Guys and more new groups

Gay Porn Stars - Yahoo Groups

Jean Franko

Description: Fans of Jean Franco
Messages: Un-moderated.


Riley Burke

Description: "Hey guys this is Riley Burke, and I would like to welcome you to my official fansite at yahoo groups. My group is a place for my fans to share pictures, Video clips, talk to me, ask questions, or anything related to my career. If your here you've probably seen some of my work with Chi Chi Larue, Falcon Entertainment, Hustler (HIS Video) And soon to be Titan. Thanks to everyone for joining my site and supporting my work, I hope to keep pumping out loads of hot material for you guys as long as I can, After all it is ALL for you! Be on the lookout soon for live appearances, and more movies coming soon. I'll try and keep everyone updated and be as active as I can on here. Feel free to browse around at the pictures and or make a post, Later!"
Messages: Moderated. Restricted membership.

Rj Danvers

Description: Hey guys, thanks for joining my yahoo group!
Messages: Moderated. Restricted membership.

From RJ Danvers "I just recently signed a 12 Month Exclusivity Contract with Raging Stallion Studios! I became the youngest person to ever work with Raging Stallion, let alone the youngest person to sign a contract! So over the next 12 months, keep your eyes open for new movies featuring RJ Danvers. My Raging Stallion debut will be made in January's military epic "Grunts"!"






RJ Danvers' Blog - http://www.rjdanversxxx.blogspot.com/
RJ Danvers' MySpace - http://www.myspace.com/rockstars721

All Time Favorite Gay Video Stars

Description: Welcome to the new home for fans of gay adult video. Most of our files are of gay male stars of the 70's, 80's and 90's, but newer models are also represented.
Messages: Un-moderated.

Straight Male Porn Stars - Yahoo Groups

Marco Duato

Description: Welcome to the official Marco Duato group.
Messages: Moderated.

Straight Sex for Gay Guys

Description: This group is for all guys, how love to see hot horny straight guys having fun with their girls.
Messages: Moderated.


Ted Colunga, Jon Volt, Rick Bauer and more

First, thanks to the moderator of Beautiful Julian Vincenzo for sending me the link of Tight Gay Holes which contains numerous European Male Porn Stars. It's very difficult to track them down. It's like finding a needle in a hay stack. They should STOP changing names. Due to the change in names, I keep forgetting their names.

All pictures open to the picture gallery.

The new look of Ted Colunga - with lots of body hair and a shaved head. Well, I've never seen this look.


Paolo in gay action - getting fucked.


Rick Bauer getting fucked. I know.. I know, he is in almost all videos made in East Europe. But, I just can't get enough of him.


Other free galleries from Tight Gay Holes (I don't know about the website's name. We all know they have been fucked several times. It's not tight anymore.)

John_volt Remember John Volt? He looks like a Daddy now. He flip-flops with Claudio Antonelli bareback.

I don't know if this is a new gallery but the picture says 2007. But, it is a threesome with George Vidanov. If this is new, George is still hot as ever.

I forgot their names. But, I've seen them in different websites. The guy sucking two cocks at the same time is hot.

Another bareback gallery from Tight Gay Holes.

Mark Anthony is back

Still remember Mark Anthony, who had a short lived gay porn career in the 90s? He recently done a solo shoot for UKNakedMen this July. He hasn't changed much, except for the skin tone - still hot as ever. Wish he would bottom again.




Mark Antony's movies for Kristen Bjorn were The Isle of Men (Mark Anthony ate his partners' cum), A World of Men and the famous Anchor Hotel (Mark bottomed in this video). He was the cover model of Sure Thing from Hothouse.

More of Mark Anthony gallery from UK Naked Men.

Darin Hawk moves to Vancouver

Darin Hawk "Just wanted to let you know that I had a safe move across the continent. I reached Vancouver, BC after about a week of driving. The scenery along the way was spectacular. ..


from the shores of the Great Lakes in Ontario, over the vast plains of the prairie provinces (Manitoba and Saskatchewan) and then through the mountains in Alberta and British Columbia.One was taken on the shore of Lake Superior and the other two were taken up in the Canadian Rockies.


I've settled into my new place in Vancouver, but there's still a lot of unpacking and organizing to do. Of course, I'll still do my best to keep you updated and to answer any messages that I receive.


Darin Hawk's Official Website

The different sides of Gay Porn Stars

As a MODEL Francois Sagat modeling for a fashion German designer. From Francois blog "Just before leaving Paris to USA California, I had the honor to be part of the Menswear Fall collection photo shoot for The German Designer Bernhard Wilhelm's exhibition...photographed by Lukas Wassmann."




As an Illustration for Bel Ami from Sven


As a Friend Guys from Randy Blue, Chris Rockway and Reece sharing a cab in New York.


As a Producer Jason Ridge starts a new company which stars Roman Heart.


As a TV Host Gay porn stars as host for Money Shot Report at Youtube, mostly bloopers from Brad Benton.

Hustling and Cruising Johnny Castle

Johnny Castle stars in Hustle and Cruise (opens to the gallery), a new movie from Falcon Studios.

  • Johnny Castle only does a solo. Again? BORING!
  • Jason Adonis' new look is so hot. I would hire him if I had the money :) He fucks Eddie Stone in the last scene.
  • Albert Long is my new favorite gay porn star from Falcon Studios. He does need a little work out in the abdominal portion.
  • No offense, but, Chad Hunt looks to old for the movie. Still, the dick is huge!

Hussle and Cruise free pictures