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Porn round up for the week

Here are my porn favorites that were just released this week. All pictures open to the free gallery.

Billy gets fucked by a str8 gymnasts named Rodney at Sean Cody - You know what is annoying about it? How come the gay guy (Billy) has to to all the  work? Rodney is getting paid to do gay sex. Rodney should suck and kiss Billy.

Billy Rodney

Roman Ragazzi's hairy butt gets fucked. This is the first scene Roman Ragazzi ever performed for Collin O'Neal.


Lawrik the Vampire - Would you make love to a vampire?


Harry in a Kilt - Is it just me or do you find men in kilt sexy?


Geo and Matt bareback at Epic Men


A threesome at Tight Gay Holes


Videos from Best Bareback

Bback_01 Bback_02

Julien from Virtual Guys


Pavel Matous in Guys Go Crazy


and finally... Cody and Rocky at Randy Blue. Cody Fallon and Rocky Houston are two of the newest Randy Blue models.


Josh Weston writing a book


From Josh Weston "Ya.... I'm in the middle of writing my biography now, my life in porn and escorting... . most names have been changed, I mean global markets could crumble and several third world leaders could be ousted..... then of course there's my right wing 'constituents' ....... its mainly a picture book with Haiku...... I'm calling it Sleeping Your Way To The Bottom."

Videos on Demand of Josh Weston from Falcon Studios

Gallery on getting your Josh Weston fix.

You the Fans get to interview Brent Everett!

From Brent Everett's Yahoo Group

Picture courtesy of Falcon Studios

Instructions from the Moderator of Brent Everett

From Moderator of Brent Everett "Three (3) weeks is a good time frame to accept questions...Once I get all the questions, I will post them in a series of Polls in the Poll area of the group, you guys will vote on which questions you'd like Brent to answer...I will compile a list of the top 15 questions that you guys select, and send them to Brent."

Picture courtesy of Falcon Studios

George Basten retired?

According to George Basten's Yahoo Group, George Basten has retired from gay porn, "I'm friends with a guy that works at Eurocreme and I bumped into him in London last night at a bar and told him I'd just seen him in the photo with George that was posted here a couple days ago. He's the skinny tall spikey haired guy in the back left in the photo taken in Amsterdam with George in it.

He told me that George is a really nice guy and they had dinner. George has ended his contract with Eurocreme and moved to New York as he was accepted to a ballet school. He told me that George doesn't plan on doing porn anymore...

He's been accepted by a ballet school in NYC.
Evidently he is good at what he does as most dance schools in NYC are top notch. Imagine the future he has awaiting him...

Just this week, pictures and videos of Martin Bogdan aka George Basten were just released at William Higgins website. This maybe the last pictures and videos we see of Martin Bogdan.


Getting to know Roman Heart


Information and pictures courtesy of Falcon Studios

I was born in 1986 in Washington. The youngest of three boys, I was a pretty dorky kid while growing up. I wore huge glasses and the worst clothes imaginable. And instead of playing sports and hanging out with other kids, I spent most of my time doing arts and crafts. I even attended an arts and crafts camp.


I played soccer for ten years, and in high school was the captain of the track team (where we went to state finals twice). I started college early and did my freshmen year while still attending high school. After graduation and with my freshmen year of college all done, I decided to move out and take a year off from school.


It was during that year off that I decided started my career as an adult film star. My friends had always said that I should give it a try. But growing up I was very shy, so of course i said "no"!   But I guess you can say that I warmed up to the idea. I filmed my first movie with Studio 2000 titled Flesh.  From there I met the right people who got me hooked up with Falcon, where I'm now an exclusive. I'm also back in school studying for my Associates degree.


Here are some other things you might find interesting:

  • My Astrological Sign: Aries
  • My Chinese Astrology Sign: Year of the Tiger
  • My Favorite food: Thai food
  • My Favorite Candy: Chocolate-covered Gummi Bears
  • My Favorite Sport: Soccer
  • My Favorite Movie: Fifth Element and Sweetest Thing
  • My Favorite City: San Diego

We all have it. I do. The GAY in Roman Heart.


Owen Hawk's Rumor Control

Owen_hawk Ok, so today I read a certain porn blog from a certain director (not Michael Lucas) who seems intent on spreading rumors about Dark Alley Media. So let me take a minute to set the record straight:

1) Dark Alley is not going out of business. To the contrary, our last two releases, Fisting Underground 3 and Gaytanamo were our best selling. I write every single payroll check personally, and I can tell you that I have never in the history of the business bounced a check to someone who works for me.

2) The move to Berlin has to do with Matt, who you all know is originally from Europe and has wanted to move back for a long time because he prefers the lifestyle and culture, and wants to be closer to his family. Contrary to the rumor that this is because of financial difficulties, in fact we are making this decision to do so in the near future because we finally feel that the business has sufficient infrastructure and liquidity to be able to survive such a large change.
Currently we are meeting with Lawyers, Accountants, and other business contacts to get information we need in order to make this a reality.

3) Matt and I are not breaking up. After the move to Germany, I will be bouncing back and forth from New York and Berlin. I am actually very excited about this because I like to travel. Not only will I be able to see more of the European world, but I will get to have a mobility which will give me a strong sense of freedom and independance, while still being in a loving and commited relationship. My family lives in New Mexico, and I will be visiting them as well. Matt will be coming back to the States for visits, but not as frequently.

4) As far as Dark Alley going bareback, well you will have to wait until next week for more on that story. What I can tell you is that I think you guys should have a choice in the products that you buy and that we should not be judgemental of people's sexual choices, even when they are different from our own. I don't think bareback porn is any great detriment to society. But, like I said you have to wait for more info on that.

Thats all for now.

Article taken from Owen Hawk's Yahoo Group

Brad Star doing porn again

So, the retirement last April was just a gimmick? It turns out Brad Star is part of the new Angel's Slut Garden website where he has a blog. He said "We will be having a release party on the 15th of September and the location will be announced in a couple days... We are also looking to shoot our first movie starting in October and releasing in December." Personally, I love it that he is back.

Brad Star recently did a solo photo shoot at College Dudes 247.