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My favorite videos

Out_of_africa_01_2 Out in Africa - I really enjoy watching Ethan Clarke bottom, too bad his contract with Bel  Ami was not renewed. Other stars are Joey Amis, Yves Carradine, Josh Elliot, Tommy Hansen, Brandon Manilow, and Marc Vidal.

Below the Rim - Filippo Romano is the reason why I watched this video. Jason McCain is also in this video. This video is for men with jock strap fetish. Other stars are Joe Foster, Danny Vox, Tino Lopez, Trent Atkins, Victor Rios, Parker Williams, Clay Foxe, Scot Craven, and Arik Travis.

Greek Holiday 2 - Julian Armanis is an all time favorite of mine. He is one of the few original models of Bel Ami. I wish these orginal Bel Ami models would be back for one last "reunion" video. Other stars are Yves Carradine, Sascha Chaykin, Josh Elliot, Tim Hamilton, Tommy Hansen, Brandon Manilow, and Johnny Surabaya.

Greek_holiday_01 Greek Holiday - I am really turned on by Alan Connery. I remembered he came while getting fucked on his first training session at Belami. Alan Connery is in two scenes (as a bottom then as a top). Plus, Mark Aubrey is also in this video. Other Stars are Julian Armanis, Jeff Daniels, Tim Hamilton, Scott Hannah, Tommy Hansen, Gilles Marais, and Jason Paradis.

Flyboys - I still can't get enough of Cole Powers aka Richard Hrosik. Other stars are Marius Reves, Ruslan Peterko, Zavier Vulcain, Randal Sheldon, Todd Miller, Johnny Saint, Tim Brensen, Lyndon Murray, Jake Butler, Zeb Kelly, Avery Sebes, Jason Sanchez, Michael Smith, and Joseph Lewis.

No_experience_01 No Experience Necessary - Ethan Clarke, Marc Vidal and Phil Sardou are the new guys from Belami that I really like. I like my men vesatile. I also would love to be trained by them. Other Stars are Thierry Aulin, Sebastian Bonnet, Justin Boyd, Sascha Chaykin, Jeff Daniels, Rick Fontana, Luke Hamill, Tim Hamilton, Elijah Keilor, Brandon Manilow, Andreas Mouskouri, Etienne Pauliac, Davy Paxton, and Manuel Rios.

Andel in America - Andel (from East Europe) had so many American fans that the Studio brought him to America to do gay porn. Other American porn stars are Brad Benton, Derik Thorn, Devon Barry, Drew Larson, Evan Taylor, Jason Hawke, Parker Williams, and Tino Lopez.

Ladi's Lads - Ladislav Bohar, Daniel Karas, Marian Borovy, Daniel Konrad, Rado Pauer, Daniel Student, and Piotr Mazur.

Ace_inthe_hole_01 Ace in the Hole - Everyone was excited when this video came out. Ace Hanson to flip flop with DC Chandler. But now, it has been overshadowed by Marcus Allen, who is now famous because he is now facing charges for murder.  Other Stars in the video are Rafael Alencar, Tag Adams, Luciano Haas, Chip Noll, Jay Ross, and Arpad Miklos.

Frisky Summer 2: Sebastian - One of the few videos where Sebastian Bonnet bottomed to Dano Sulik. Other stars of this video are Julian Armanis, Ion Davidov, Milos Janek, Glynt Klein, Erik Kovac, Jiri Lubov, Pavel Otava, Max Pellion, Alex Petersen, Lukas Ridgeston, and Daniel Valent.

Magic Balls - I just love European male porn stars. They maybe straight but they don't have qualms or inhibitions on doing anything gay.

Moving Men - Two of my favorite European male porn stars - Fabian Harri and Langdon King

Frisky_summer_1_01 Frisky Summer 1: Best Friends - I miss Ion Davidov. Lukas Ridgeston came back to do porn, why can't he? Other Stars are Tomas Belko, Milos Janek, Kristian Jensen, Glynt Klein, Johan Paulik, Alex Petersen, Filip Smirnov, Dano Sulik,  and Daniel Valent.

Stock Sentenced - Gregor Yelson should have stayed longer in porn.

Helping_hands_09_01 Helping Hands 09 - According to the producer of the video, the last scene pairs two "real" brothers Radim Vokoun with Milan Vokoun. Incest is fine in Eastern Europe? Other stars are Martin Novotny, Eda Rieger, Martin Bogdan, Pavel Matous, Boris Mateo, and Jirka Gregor.

Take One for the Team - Back in high school, I fantasized of having sex with one of our basketball players in the lockeroom. Stars are Tod Winters, Andel, Toby O`Connor, Jason Ridge, Justin Wells, Sean West, Cody Scott, Coblio, and Eddie Stone.

Depucelageaucampus Depucelage au Campus - It's hot seeing Chad Driver bottom.

Auditions 2 - I envy Michael Lucas - director and porn star. He gets to fulfill all his fantasies. Stars are Wilfried Knight, Gabriel Sinclair, Dani Eitan, Luke Stamm, Jason Dean, Eric R, Kacarot, and Alex Lopez.

The Twin Factor - I want to be fucked by twins! Stars are Helmut Muller, Fabrizio Magiatti, Austin Rogers, Fernando Magiatti, Evan Rochelle, Rogerio Mateo, Mario Mc`Cabe, Julien Veneziano, Glen Santoro, and Peter Stallion.

Wrestling Plus Vol 4 - I just miss the old boys of William Higgins. I watched this video to reminisce.  Stars are Hynek Lukas, Vladimir Gott, Otto, Roman, Robert Novy, and Robert Dusek.

Private Lowlife - Military fetish anyone? Stars are Francesco D`Macho, Alex Collack, Kent North, Enzo Grimaldi, Kirk Ziegler, Matt Cole, Marc Williams, Arpad Miklos, Nick Horn, Kyle Lewis, Ken Browning, and Scott Swann.

Slam_01 Slam - Secrets of a Wrestler Vol. 2 - Why is it the most European "gay for pay" male porn stars prefer to bottom? Is it because they find if difficult to have a hard on? Stars are Brian Wells, Claudio Antonelli, Fernando Nielsen, Fred Goldsmith, Jack Laurel, Jonathan Collins, Leslie Manzel, Luciano Endino, Nick Reiner, Rick Perry, and Sergio Foster.

Helping Hands 08 - Training str8 guys to relax or get comfortable with gay sex is fun to do. Stars are Milos Vodnik, Richard Hrosik, Jindrich, Mayer, Dan Homola, Irvan, and Franco Gregorio.

Personal Trainer 01 - I'm so willing to be trained by Sebastian Bonnet! Other stars are Tommy Alvarez, Gilles Marais, Dano Sulik, and Ramon Valenti.

Code Red - Pavel Matous (as Dennis Reed) and Jirka Gregor (as Viktor Oleg) are in this videos. Other stars are Ivan Belkov, Franco Gregorio, Jirka Mikhel, Michal Restam, Vlad Smeshnoi, Tobias Vares, and Rony Zaliv.

Manville_01 Manville - Anything with Max Veneziano as a bottom, I'll definitely watch it. Other stars are Eric Flower, Alex Ribeiro, Paulao do Pauzao, Jean Franko, Rocky de Oliveira, Jed Willcox, Jason Kingsley, Matthieu Costa, Marcelo Lars, Matthias Vannelli, Carlos Caballero, Victor Cowboy, and Sergio del Castillo.

Screen Test from Prague 2 - Jaromir Foglar is one Czech twink that I would like to fuck. Other stars are Marian Borovy, Ladislav Bohar, Martin Kaspar, Roman Stastny, Aleksy Koslov, Pavel Vexera, Milan Wolfe, Jiri Cepila, and Lulas Pika.

The Diamond Mine Legion of Muscle Part 2 - I've always fantisized about having sex with a Construction worker on site. Stars are Miguel Sabroso, Kevin Cage, Rogerio Mateo, Lucio Maverick, Julio Carillo, Rod Stevens, Julian Vincenzo, Randy Jones, and Fredy Costa.

Never_been_touched_01 Never Been Touched - Maxx Diesel is hot with men or women, sucking or getting sucked, fucking or getting fucked. Other stars are Claudio Martin, Jan Fischer, Aeden Michaels, Antonio Montez, Bobby Williams, Caleb Carter, Cory Koons, Eryk Elliot, Marcus Allen, and Trae Spencer.

Young Gods - Ace Hanson bottoming. I do prefer the old Ace, less bulkier. Other stars are Vinnie Diesel, Jason Adonis, Jason Ridge, Robert Van Damme, Billy Frank, and Brad Rock.

When In Rome - I love a man with substance, Eddie Stone is one of them. Other stars are Joe Foster, Fillipo Romano, Leonardo Ricci, Alberto Ventura, Marco Sisto, and Luca Feretti.

Andel Story 2 - It's no only because of Andel but also Ales Hanak why I watched this video. Other stars are Pavel Dubcek, Pavel Holub, El Greco, Milan Dabelsky, Martin Pravda, Mylan Forman, Tabor Schindler, Libor Taborsky, and Pavel Korsakov.

Buck_naked_and_huge_01 Buck Naked and Huge - Two words - MIKE ROBERTS. Other Stars are Jude Collin, Chris Holmes, Johnny Castle, and Michael Crowe

Delinquents - I'm watching it because I miss Benjamin Bradley who has retired from gay porn. Other Stars are Jan Fischer, Johnny Hazzard, Tyler Riggz, Billy Cochran, Matt Cole, Nick Mazzaro, Scott Swann, and Tommy Blade.

Flings - Who does not love the Belami men? Danny Sarandon is my favorite in this video. Other stars are Marcel Bouvier, Chris Cameron, Jeff Daniels, Tim Hamilton, Adrian Kinski, Oliver Krist, Valentin Nabokov, Mirko Polakov, Dano Sulik, and Nico Tiziani.

Euro Tools - I just love the men of eastern Europe. These str8 guys really seem to enjoy doing gay porn.

Stonewall and Riot - I've seen pictures of comic characters having sex but this is the first time I've seen a video!

Theo_blake_01_2 Theo Blake's Seeing Stars - I wish Matt Summers will come back doing porn again. Other stars are Robbie Angel, Theo Blake, Aaron Tanner, Anthony Holloway, Axell Caballero, Christopher Michaels, Damon Ivy, Evan Taylor, Jason Ridge, Jon Galt, Marcelo Corella, Richard Rocco, and Sebastian Cole.

Weekend Party - 4 of my favorite European male porn stars are in this video, Zack Garrity, Julian Benet, Adam Kubick and Chad Driver.

Dante's Sex Scandal - Dante is one of the very few versatile American male porn star during his time who made it in the porn industry where the TOP male porn stars rule. Other stars are Alex Lemonde, Joel Sjoberg, Curt Baldwin, T.J. Slater, Cameron Sage, Eric Lang, and Tony Banderas.

Gonzo_01 Gonzo #1 - In these 'Gonzo' sessions, the cameraman is having sex with the model and with his unique perspective. It stars Boris Mateo, Ivan Bartok, Milan Vokoun, Pavel Matous, Radim Vokoun, Lukas Pika, Robert Novy, and Jirka Gregor.

Hotel Hunk - have you been serviced by a hotel employee? Stars are Dylan Vargas, Averil Morris, Lazar Long, Cole Powers, Randal Sheldon, Langdon King, Preston Hill, Daren Dune, Mort Morgan, Zeb Kelly, Fergus Smart, Matthew Harris, Michael Smith, Joseph Lewis, Jules Terry, Malik Romero, and Murray Peterson.

Helping Hands 07 - If you have a foot fetish, you should watch anything made by William Higgins. Foot licking is almost present in all his videos. Stars are Alois Rak, Gasman, Misha Medved, Olda Koruna, Svens Torborg, Roman, and Vazba.

Pillage_plunder Pillage & Plunder - I just miss Blake Harper. Other stars are Matt Summers, Adam Gabriel, Alex Bourbon, Barry Barrett, Corey Summers, Enrico Vega, Jackson Price, Jason Branch, Logan Reed, Nino Bacci, Paul Cody, Sam Crockett, Scott Matthews, and Victor Rios.

Desperate HouseHusbands - After what Roland Dane said of Julian Vincenzo, I watch anything with him in it. Other Stars are Rick Bauer, David Salieri, Elliot Force, George Vidanov, James Jordan, Matt Colmar, Norbert Somlay, Rod Stevens, and Tobias Wares.

Wide_open Wide Open - Again, I would watch anything with Ion Davidov in it. It also stars Kristian Jensen, Ivo Svoboda, Sebastian Bonnet, Karl Mishka, Jiri Lubov, Hans Koloman, Tomas Belko, Kristoff Junas, Alexander Strauss, Andrej Volek, Gynt Klein, Jozef Beniak, Matus Otava, and Oto Burian.

Alpine Adventure - Even though Marc Vidal's hair is so 80s, he still looks very hot. I also enjoyed watching Marc being trained by Sebastian. He cummed while being fucked. He even swallowed Sebastian's juice. Other Stars are Raf Angelo, Sebastian Bonnet, Sean Ellis, Matthew Gray, Tommy Hansen, Greg Miller, Alex Orioli, Liam Phoenix, Danny Saradon, and Richie Tyler.

Lukas_stories Lukas Stories - I can't decide which scene is my favorite. Lukas Ridgeston, Johan Paulik, Willie Ridgeston, or with Benjy Sanders? They made Belami a household name.

Pretty Boy - Marc Aubrey! I only saw him bottomed once when he was trained by Dano Sulik. After that, he was always top. Other stars are Josh Elliot, Sven Olafsson, Matt Phillipe, Kiefer Sullivan, and Marc Vidal.

2nd Inning - A movie for those with baseball fetish. I watched it because of Brent Everett and Eddie Stone. Other porn stars in the movie are Benjamin Bradley, Tommy Ritter, Theo Blake, Jason Tiya, Danny Arnez, Hunter James, Trevor Knight, Hans Ebson, Jan Fischer, Zachary Pierce, and Damon DeMarco.

Czech Point - I always watch anything with Pavel Novotny in it. Ales Hanak is also in this video.

Str8_shots_01 Str8 Shots - A jack off video of famous American str8 male porn stars. My favorite is Julian Rivers/Rios. It also stars Franko Deltoro, Kurt Lockwood, Mario Rossi, Pascal St. James, Peter Shaft, and Rick Pirelles.

Hard Heroes - This movie is for those who have fantasies having sex with their super heroes. Stars: Mason Flynt, Steve Shannon, Max Grand, Jack Simmons, Gage Michaels, Emmett Andrews, Cody Cruze, and Brad Taylor.

Cleaners_01 Cleaners - I watched this video all because of Pavel Matous. He is paired with Marek Schneider, another hot and versatile male porn star.

Total Package - A collection of eight hot, hunky, uncut European studs working their cocks in a steamy solo scene ending with a hot load every time.

Twin Warriors - Twins in one scene in a threesome (not incest, thank goodness). The first scene is the only thing worth watching since it includes the twins.