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Biography and personal photos from the Official Matthew Rush website.

From Matthew Rush "I was born and raised in the small town of Mt. Union, Pennsylvania. I am the youngest of three. My brothers were pretty athletic but unfortunately I wasn't. Sports like football, baseball and wrestling just weren't for me. I was better at running so I joined the track team. It wasn't until one day after track practice that I was introduced to weightlifting. Being tall and lanky isn't so easy growing up, so weightlifting seemed to be the perfect answer. The moment I picked up my first dumbbell, I was hooked.



After college, I got my certification as a personal trainer. Training was rewarding and I trained clients for eight years but I needed more... I needed a change in life. One night I was out at a club when a Falcon Studios representative approached me. He asked me if I was interested in working for Falcon. I was hesitant so he gave me his card and told me to think it over. Was this the change I was looking for? I pondered the idea for a few weeks, weighing the pros and cons. Then fate took a turn. The gym where I was working closed and I was out of work. I decided to try my hand at porn and I sent my pictures into Falcon. The rest is history."




  • Making Porn (Directed by Ronnie Larson and Produced by Caryn Horowitz)
  • Ten Naked Men (Directed by Ronnie Larson and Produced by Caryn Horowitz)
  • My Boyfriend The Stripper (Directed by Ronnie Larson and Produced by Caryn Horowitz)


Additional Films

226417 Third Man Out (Directed by Ron Oliver and Produced by Shavic Entertainment/ Insight Film)
Another Gay Movie (Directed by Todd Stevens and Produced by Jess Adams)

2002 GayVN Award for Best Newcomer
2002 Grabby Award for Best Solo Performance
2002 Cybersocket Award for Best Model Site

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