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TJ Cummings Interview

Interview done by the owner/moderator of Straight-Adult-Male-Stars Yahoo Group (This Group Is Dedicated To Hot And Delicious Male Adult Super Star). "A few days ago, I sent our man of the month questions to answer. This morning Mr. Cummings replied to them. He does not give out to much info nor does he elaborate. In any case, here is the Q&A. Hope you enjoy."


ME (owner/moderator of Straight-Adult-Male-Stars Yahoo Group): When did you start in the industry? TJ Cummings: My old girlfriend Sky Lopez helped me get into porn at 19 in 1999.

ME: What was your first film/scene and were you nervous being in front of the camera? TJ Cummings: I fucked my girlfriend for my first job; and no, I wasn't nervous at all.

ME: You probably hear this all the time, did you find it difficult to switch over to straight mainstream or did anyone in the industry give you a hard time? TJ Cummings: NO.

ME: Do you want to be labeled as gay, straight or bi, or is your motto like mine: "what goes on in my bedroom is my own business and no one else's"? TJ Cummings: Straight.

ME: I've seen many pictures of you over the last 5 years and your body has gotten pretty hot and big. Do you work out a lot? I think you also do competition is that right? TJ Cummings: I work out regularly; and yes, I've done one natural bodybuilding competition.

ME: Getting back to the source, your family, how did they react and is it or was it a problem for them to see you as a performer? TJ Cummings: My family is and wasn't happy after learning I got into porn. However, I'm never lectured, only encouraged to move on.


ME: So far, Has the industry has been good to you? TJ Cummings: Usually, yes.

ME: Awards - Award shows, Can you tell me what you've won so far and what do you think about them? TJ Cummings: I don't know, and I don't care.

ME: Since you started was there a scene with someone that stood out? If so, which one? TJ Cummings: Work relating to BDSM and fetish are my favorites.

ME: If the price is right, would you consider jumping back to gay films? If yes, who would you liked to be teamed with? TJ Cummings: No.

ME: What are you presently working on and what are your future goals in the industry? TJ Cummings: I don't know.

ME: Thank you for taking the time to answer these. You're an amazing guy and keep up your amazing work. TJ Cummings: And... You're welcome, and thank you for you kind words.


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Update on TJ Cummings as of Dec. 15, 2009

He still has a very hot ass


His hole doesn't indicate he likes to bottom :)


The TJ Cummings' money shot