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Sasha Byazrov Group

Description: This group is dedicated to most beautiful Russian actor of the adult entertainment - Sasha Byazrov
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Men_magazineMen Magazine 01

Description: Hot men posing sans clothing for various Magazines, including Playgirl, Men, Freshmen, etc.
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Fox Studio

Description: Group dedicated to the men of FOX-studio. Pictures of the buff men and links to movies.
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Chad Knight Club


Description: Chad Knight is one of the prettiest faces ever to grace porn. And who doesn't get a hard on just looking at his fresh body? And that beautiful dick and delicious ass is enough to make any cock cum right away. Here you can meet other fans and post pictures of this mouth-watering hottie.
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Rod Barry

Description: Fans of Rod Barry
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Info from Rod Barry Yahoo Group "Rod Barry has appeared in more 100 films since he entered the industry in 1996. While most of his films have been gay films, he has also made bisexual and straight videos. In addition to film, Rod has worked as an escort, model, and dancer. He currently lives in San Francisco, California.

Rod served in the United States Marine Corps before being discovered by Dirk Yates. His first movie was The Few, The Proud, The Naked #6. He has been in many military-themed movies during his career in the gay industry. Rod most frequently performs in the top role in his films; he bottomed for the first time in Beach Buns for Logan Reed. Since then, he has been penetrated by a dildo in the film, Fine Bi Me Too."

Moderator's Top 5 videos of Rod Barry

  • Michael Lucas' La Dolce Vita:  Director's Cut
  • Link (All Worlds)
  • Rod Barry's Argentinian Auditions (All Worlds)
  • Fine Bi Me (Adam & Eve)
  • Driver (Jocks)

Nick Jacobs Group

Description: This group is dedicated to the hottest boy next door: Nick Jacobs aka Rick Ritter.
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Brian Pumper Board

Description: This is the ultimate board for any fan of Afro American pornstar Brian Pumper.
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