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Setting the record straight on Steve Fox

Comments by Robb at Gay Star Steve Fox Yahoo Group.

Steve_fox_01 Since Steve Fox's death over 10 years ago, many people have come forward with all kinds of claims and stories about him.

I knew him for several years and lived in the same neighborhood for 3 of those years.

1. He did live with a female who was an exotic dancer. There was only one furnished bedroom in his home and they shared the bed  When he became unable to take care of his personal affairs due to mental illness, he moved back into his parent's home and she moved there with him. She referred to his mother as "mom".

2. He was not a college graduate. He attended Oxford College about 35 miles east of Atlanta. He did not graduate.

3. He was however very frugal and when he passed away he left a sizable estate. His girlfriend was the executor of his estate.


4. The first home he purchased near mine was very attractive, spacious and expensive. The second home he purchased just prior to his death was even more so. His girlfriend still lives at that residence.

5. Several people have come forward after his death claiming to be his lover. That may be the case but I never once heard him mention any of their names in the many conversations we had.

Steve Fox was a very complex individual. He was kind of a "Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde type of person. I enjoyed knowing him and I was very sad to read of his demise.