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Yahoo Groups on Kurt Wild, Frank Towers, Malik Sharif, Brodie Sinclair, Criss Strokes, Johnny Sins and more

Kurt Wild

Kurt_wild_01a Kurt_wild_02a_2
Kurt_wild_03 Kurt_wild_04

Description: Kurt Wild can be called a porn star. He has done soon to be released movies from major porn studios. Kurt is a member, moderator, and an active part of the group.
Messages: Moderated.
Info on Kurt:
Kurt has Brownish-red hair, chiseled abs, an adorable smile, and a nice wholesomeness about his thick tool. Kurt hails from Missouri, he's 5'8, 135 Lbs, blue eyes, and 8.5 Cut.

Malik Sharif

Description: Group dedicated to Malik Sharif.
Messages: Moderated. Restricted membership.

Frank Towers Fans

Mark_slade_cadet Mark_slade_twisted

Description: New Yahoo fan group for Frank Towers
Messages: Un-moderated.
Info on Frank Towers: aka Mark Slade,
born September 25, 1968. Frank is a world-famous adult film star. Frank got his start originally 1993. An encounter with international icon Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1986 changed his life. At the time, he was a self-described spindly 150-pound weakling. Inspired by Arnie, he embarked on a rigorous bodybuilding regimen that had his 6 ft 4 in frame filled out to 240 pounds within a few years. His well-honed muscles of steel and fantastic physique served him well once he decided to take the adult film plunge in 1993.

My Gay Group Star

Description: All about gay porn stars.
Messages: Moderated. Restricted membership.

Brodie Sinclair Fans

Brodie_sinclair_cocky Brodie_sinclair_college_2
Brodie_sinclair_jakecruise_2 Brodie_sinclair_randyblue_2

Description: Whichever name you know him by, and doing it with guys or girls (or hopefully both at the same time soon), there is no denying that Brodie Sinclair aka Derek Brodie is the hottest thing to come along in the adult entertainment industry in awhile.
Messages: Moderated.

Criss Strokes

Chriss_strokes_sg4ge Criss_strokes_next_buddies
Criss_strokes_next_door Criss_strokes_next_door_01

Description: Criss Strokes (aka Braden, Chris Strokes, Chris Holmes) is a stud to the core. Blowing huge loads all over his partners, as is appropriate for such a big guy. Watching that big dick of his go to work is almost mesmerizing. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't insanely jealous of the lucky coed taking on that big donkey-dick.
Messages: Moderated.
Info on Criss Strokes: Age: 21
, Height: 6'3" (191 cm), Weight: 195 lbs. (88 kg), Waist: 30 (??), Shoes: 13.5 (46), Schlong: 10" (26 cm), Hair Color: Brown, Eye Color: Blue

right shoulder - "Criss"
left shoulder - "Chandler"
left lower arm - Intricate cross
left bicep - Lettering

Straight Male Porn Stars - Yahoo Groups

Johnny Sins

Description: Johnny Sins is a major stud from head to toe. When he drops his pants, he shows a schlong that many donkey would be envious of. Johnny's dick will blow your mind and make you fall to your knees, mouth wide open.
Messages: Moderated.

Steve Hooper on Escorting

Comment from a male member of Steve Hooper Fan Club "No, he definitely escorts. He hasn't done any guy-on-guy porn, so you can stop looking, but he was definitely receptive to my finger up his ass when I hired him. He doesn't kiss and he doesn't suck. He's very clean and professional. I got the feeling I could have fucked him if I played my cards right, but we didn't go there. Definitely a good guy and I wish him all the best."



Steve Hooper has retired from porn. Also, this is not the first time I've heard of a gay guy talk about his experience on Steve as an escort.

Travis and Ian's first time

Travis getting sucked by a guy for the first time, courtesy of Trent, who tasted his man juice. I agree with the comment of Dennis "...Trent sure didn’t know how to get him started at all... He obviously doesn’t know how to set a slow pace and to get a feel for the GUY he is sucking..."

XXX Gallery of Travis getting sucked by Trent

Ian's first fuck with a guy, courtesy of Trevor. Trevor cums while getting fucked by Ian.

XXX Gallery of Ian's first fuck with Trevor

Listening to the groove of Mitch Branson

Choose the title of the song and click play to listen to the music.

From Colt Studio "Mitch Branson chose electronic dance music as the foundation for the modern sound of his newest effort. He cleverly mixes in a variety of genres to give the well-known sound of electronica new interest. Vocal performances from around the world will encourage listeners to rethink dance music and explore new musical perspectives."