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Tristan Jaxx's first fuck was a Quarterback

Tristanjaxx04 Falcon (F): First of all, lets get some digits out there for everyone to drool over. What are you packin’? Tristan Jaxx: I have a fat 9 x 6.5 Puerto Rican cock.

F: You really worked Mason Wyler hard in your scene from Endless Crush (FVP179). That a specialty of yours? Tristan Jaxx: Oh yeah.. The first guy I fucked was back when I was 18. It was my 1st year at Dartmouth, and he was a quarterback. I gave it to him hard and without lube…we broke the bed! That was my first taste of the really rough, nasty stuff I’m into now.

F: So aside from hot quarterbacks, are there any other big turn-ons or fetishes that really get you going? Tristan Jaxx: I have a total butt fetish. Nothing can get me as hot as a bottom with a hot muscle ass.

F: We’ve mentioned before that you’re really into music. What are your plans with that? Tristan Jaxx: Its a dream of mine to become a major club DJ. My favorite influences would have to be Ralph Rosario, Abel, Tony Moran, and Offer Nissam.

F: Fab! Is there a way for your fans to get in touch with you? Tristan Jaxx: Yep, I have a MySpace, and I actually update it. Tell people to add me at

Complete interview of Tristan Jaxx by Falcon.