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Fernando Nielsen, Roman Heart, Derek Russo, Mark Dalton and Damian Yahoo Groups

Fernando Nielsen

Description: This yahoo fan group is dedicated to the new COLT Studio Group Model Fernando Nielsen
Messages: Moderated. Restricted Membership.

Fernando_nielsen_colt_01 Fernando_nielsen_colt_02

Roman Heart Fans

Description: Roman Heart - Voted the Best Newcomer of the Year for 2006, versatile Roman Heart has made huge waves in the industry in a very short time.
Messages: Moderated. Restricted Membership.

Roman_heart_01 Roman_heart_02

Derek Russo

Description: Derek Russo - A Fan of the Man's Group.
Messages: Moderated.

Derek_russo_manifest_01_2 Derek_russo_manifest_02_2

Mark Dalton is hot

Description: This group is dedicated to one of the hottest guys on the net Mark Dalton
Messages: Moderated.

Mark_dalton_01 Mark_dalton_02


Description: The only Damian Internet Fan Club
Messages: Moderated.

Eddie Stone back in school in Toronto

Eddie_stone_jetsetmen January 17 issue of Xtra! (a gay newspaper from Toronto) "Pornstar Eddie Stone has returned to his roots. A popular filly in Chi Chi La Rue's sexy stable with a fan base almost as big as his cock, Stone told me he's fairly over the LA sex flick life (but not in a begrudging way) and has returned to Toronto for a fresh start that includes heading back to school. Busting the dumb porn star stereotype to bits, Stone was even carrying a Charles Dickens classic in paperback when we chatted. Smart and hung? Yum. Welcome home."

Galleries on Eddie Stone from Men of Porn - Eddie pile drives Alex Dade and Looking for Trouble with Brent Everett.

Eddie Stone Yahoo Group (Eddie was a member)