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Tyler Riggz haven't walked right since he got gang banged :)

Tyler_riggz_cop_2First, did you know that Tyler Riggz was a REAL cop? The picture on the left was taken last 2004 when he was still working as a cop.

Tyler Riggz recently sent a message to his Yahoo Group for an update on his life "I completed two projects for Falcon, on video titled Dare involves a scene with Erik Rhodes... FUCK HE WAS SO DAMN HOT!!! The second project will not be out till later in '08. Now here's the real kicker... I bottom in that upcoming title... for 3 hot fuckers! Er, should I say I basically get gang banged... Grrr. Haven't walked right since!!! Well I did have it coming for what I did to them first!!!"

Pictures taken by Tyler Riggz with his own camera posted on his Yahoo Group.



More updates from Tyler Riggz

  • I am happy to report that my goofy ass was nominated for a GayVN Award.
  • I am thinking about putting some of my clothes from my shoots up for auction.

243925_2 Also the Warehouse work clothes I wore in Tyler Riggz - Shot for Shot... I'm wearing it on the box cover (picture on the left)

I have my plaid shirt from Wrong Side of the Tracks... the Scene I won my first GayVN for w/Johnny Hazzard.

Also the jock I wore in Hot House's Jockstrap. The scene I get plowed by Vinny DeAngelo.

Check out his Yahoo Group for more information on the auction.

Pictures and text with permission from Tyler Riggz.