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Posts from February 2008

Martin Klic, Jeff Stryker, Ryan Idol, Aaron James and Evan Seinfeld Yahoo Groups

Aaron James

Description: This group is for the rising, sexy adult entertainment star Aaron James.
Messages: Un-moderated. Restricted membership.
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/aaronajjames
Current News: He will appear in MTV's TrueLife on Wednesday, Feb. 27

Aaron_james_01 Aaron_james_02

Extreme Ryan Idol

Description: After being a member of several other Ryan Idol groups that were a collection of a few pictures and plenty of spam, I decided to start my own group. All are welcome and please enjoy the collection. I think this is the only Ryan Idol group you will ever need to belong to, and I promise, absolutley no spam. at all.
Messages: Un-moderated. Restricted membership.
Interview by Vincent Lambert 

Ryan_idol_best_matt_sterling_01 Ryan_idol_best_matt_sterling_02

Martin Klic

Description: New adult model from Czech Rep., also named Boris Sacharov or Martin Terk.
Messages: Un-moderated.
Current News: His new movie is Czech Tales Part 2 (gallery). He was also in the first part (gallery) of the said movie.

Martin_klic Martin_klic_02

Jeff Stryker Fans

Description: This is a group just for Jeff Stryker without the spam
Moderated. Restricted membership.
News: He produced his last video which included Ken Ryker.
Interview by Vincent Lambert

Jeff_styker_best_matt_sterling_01 Jeff_styker_best_matt_sterling_02

Evan Seinfeld

Description: This group is dedicated to Evan Seinfeld, ex-Biohazard, actual adult film star (aka Spyder Jonez) and heavy metal vocalist in The Spyderz. Jaz Hoyt in HBO tv show OZ. Heยดs married to Tera Patrick, the adult film star.
Messages: Un-moderated.