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Aaron James thinks being straight is an on/off switch

It's common for "str8 guys" to claim that they are straight and just doing porn for the money and curious about gay sex. Aaron James is one of them.

In the "I Work In The Sex Industry" episode of MTV's True Life, Aaron kept on saying he is straight and this was just his job and he was doing it for the money.

Aaraon_james_mtv_shot_landon_2Strangely enough, his MySpace profile states  "...As of right now, I am straight. The twist on my story is that I am attracted very much to certain men. Unfortunately, so far the men I have met in my life that I attracted lead a life style that is a turn off to me... Eventually I will meet a man who is attractive, leads a responsible life style, and shows me respect. Until then, I am a straight guy waiting to become a bi/gay gay..."

At least we know he only likes attractive men who leads a lifestyle that is not a turn off. And, currently he is straight.

Update on Aaron James: Judging from the pictures of his upcoming movie Hollywood Sex Club, Aaron gets fucked. It looks like the scene is about Aaron so drunk that he is taken advantaged by getting sucked and fucked.

Aaron_james_bottoms_01 Aaron_james_bottoms_02

Another movie coming out for Aaron is Ass Crusin with Aaron James where he is on every scene. All movies are from Jet Set Studio where he has an exclusive contract.

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