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It's becoming a trend - porn stars joining model contests

Now, it's Mason Wyler's turn. He is vying to win the Model Search 2008 of Best Undressed Dallas - click the 5 star at the bottom of the web page so Mason can get your maximum vote. We should VOTE and let him WIN. Don't you want to see gay porn stars on mainstream media?


I first saw Mason Wyler at Corbin Fisher - a supposedly straight guy doing porn for the money - then after a solo scene, he got fucked several times by different guys. Then moved to different amateur sites like Mike Hancock and again, got fucked again by different guys.

The first movie I saw Mason Wyler was Spokes III. Mason was fucked by different guys in the orgy scene.

Articles from Men of Porn on Mason Wyler

Logan Reed Experience by Anthony

Logan_reed_01 Thanks to Anthony for sending me his personal pictures of Logan Reed he took in his bedroom years ago.

According to Anthony "Logan officially retired from the adult industry in 2005 in his mid 30's to pursue a career with more longevity in restaurant management and eventually owing his own place. These never seen photos taken that summer are the last nudes taken of him,  commissioned for an anonymous collector and benefactor to whom I lent my Los Angeles home for the shoot.  Logan was still escorting at the time, and later I decided to get me some. He exuded sexuality from every pore and made love like he was with a long-term partner rather than a client.  On a side note his eyes are so blue and he is so hung, that in pictures you'd swear they were photo-shopped, but trust me they're not :-) In person, a warm visually stunning and smart guy that could probably have had a career for another ten years if he choose to. Our loss."

Logan_reed_02 Logan_reed_03

My favorite scene with Logan Reed is Heatwave where he is paired with Steve O'Donnell.

Logan_reed_heatwave_01 Logan_reed_heatwave_02
Logan_reed_heatwave_03 Logan_reed_heatwave_04

Vince and Hal Rockland Update

I have updated this post I made last April 14, 2008 since I got an email from Vince Rockland today. I am adding his recent pictures.
And, thank you Vince for allowing me to post the pictures. I just wish you come back to porn. Just wishing...

Vince_rockland_now_01 Vince Rockland sent a message to his Yahoo Group "I have worked in concrete, although I never worked in construction of any type for any substantial length of time. It's my younger brother, Hal, who is the construction worker. He's been working in concrete since he was about 15. About 8 years ago he started his own company in CO Spgs. He's been doing extremely well, and some of the projects that he's undertaken in the last few years include concrete replica of coral reefs for a large hotel in Dubai, and concrete art work in the Bahamas.


I have worked various jobs, though none would qualify as a career for me. I am a musician. I have always been a musician and I will always be a musician. It's not a mindset that's conducive to a great - or even suitable - financial success in anything else. My most recent financial set-back put me into the quandary that no musician ever wants to be in: pawning off music equipment. For me that was possibly the worst emotional blow that I've ever experienced as an adult. But that's life. We have to make choices to survive, and some of them are... difficult, and certainly uncomfortable." Be well, Vince

Here is my favorite picture of Vince he sent me.


With regards to his current project "At this point, the photographer and I have been tossing about a few ideas, because we'll have quite a few male models taking part in this... I stressed that fact that I really wanted an original theme for my fairy, not a repeat of something that's been done. Well, we did come up with a very original idea - so at this point I'll probably be the "disco-ball fairy," complete with disco-ball reflective plastic/glass pasted all over my face and body. I don't know what the background will be, or if that'll just be blurred out completely. Since the project is part of a family friendly art show, and since we are not in a more enlightened country, no one will be shot nude so that this can't be misconstrued as pornography.."

Vince_rockland_now_04 Vince_rockland_now_05

When he said "we are not in a more enlightened country", I think it's India, judging from his email address - Wrong according to Vince, it's United States.

From a webpage, Vince wants to accomplish 5 things

1. be less self-absorbed
2. stop blaming others for my mistakes
3. see beauty in every person, every thing and every moment
4. live passionately
5. attract abundance

For those who don't know Vince since he has retired from porn, here is a short list of his videos.

Vince Rockland's Yahoo Group

Steve O'Donnell 2008

First, here is Steve O'Donnell when he first started at Falcon Studios.

Steve_o_donnell_before_01 Steve_o_donnell_before_02

Now, here he is when he made a comeback last 2006 for FalconTV.

Steve_o_donnell_before__2006_01_2 Steve_o_donnell_before__2006_02

Here is Steve O'Donnell this year taken at the beach. Pictures from Fans of Steve O'Donnell Yahoo Group.

Steve_o_donnell_01_2 Steve_o_donnell_02_2

Which do you like best, long hair or short hair? Less chest hair or more?

Steve O'Donnel also sent this message to his Yahoo Group "First of all, I'd like to say thanks to those of you who have hung on for so long. Your die hard and I appreciate that. I won't say where I'm at for reasons I hope are obvious but lets just say above San Diego and below L.A. Sorry I haven't chimed in lately but I've kinda been out of the loop. While I can't promise anything, lets just say I'm in California and I'm going to the gym on a regular basis...."

On  May 03, 2008, Steve O'Donnell's new video for Suite703 can be viewed online.

And, thanks to the moderator of Fans of Steve O'Donnell for allowing me to post the new pictures of Steve at the beach.