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It's becoming a trend - porn stars joining model contests

Logan Reed Experience by Anthony

Logan_reed_01 Thanks to Anthony for sending me his personal pictures of Logan Reed he took in his bedroom years ago.

According to Anthony "Logan officially retired from the adult industry in 2005 in his mid 30's to pursue a career with more longevity in restaurant management and eventually owing his own place. These never seen photos taken that summer are the last nudes taken of him,  commissioned for an anonymous collector and benefactor to whom I lent my Los Angeles home for the shoot.  Logan was still escorting at the time, and later I decided to get me some. He exuded sexuality from every pore and made love like he was with a long-term partner rather than a client.  On a side note his eyes are so blue and he is so hung, that in pictures you'd swear they were photo-shopped, but trust me they're not :-) In person, a warm visually stunning and smart guy that could probably have had a career for another ten years if he choose to. Our loss."

Logan_reed_02 Logan_reed_03

My favorite scene with Logan Reed is Heatwave where he is paired with Steve O'Donnell.

Logan_reed_heatwave_01 Logan_reed_heatwave_02
Logan_reed_heatwave_03 Logan_reed_heatwave_04