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Steve O'Donnell 2008

First, here is Steve O'Donnell when he first started at Falcon Studios.

Steve_o_donnell_before_01 Steve_o_donnell_before_02

Now, here he is when he made a comeback last 2006 for FalconTV.

Steve_o_donnell_before__2006_01_2 Steve_o_donnell_before__2006_02

Here is Steve O'Donnell this year taken at the beach. Pictures from Fans of Steve O'Donnell Yahoo Group.

Steve_o_donnell_01_2 Steve_o_donnell_02_2

Which do you like best, long hair or short hair? Less chest hair or more?

Steve O'Donnel also sent this message to his Yahoo Group "First of all, I'd like to say thanks to those of you who have hung on for so long. Your die hard and I appreciate that. I won't say where I'm at for reasons I hope are obvious but lets just say above San Diego and below L.A. Sorry I haven't chimed in lately but I've kinda been out of the loop. While I can't promise anything, lets just say I'm in California and I'm going to the gym on a regular basis...."

On  May 03, 2008, Steve O'Donnell's new video for Suite703 can be viewed online.

And, thanks to the moderator of Fans of Steve O'Donnell for allowing me to post the new pictures of Steve at the beach.