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Posts from June 2008

I can post again!

I was unable to log in to my blog since Monday. There seems to be a problem with my server. So, I placed all my posts at Men of Porn - Galleries.

Just in case the problem occurs again, just check Men of Porn - Galleries for updates.

Jackson Wild replies to fan questions

Jackson Wild Yahoo Group: Hey buddy how was it with Ray Starr. You pounded the crap out of him.

Jackson Wild: It was actually alot of fun, he doesnt bottom very often and I dont top very often. So it went without saying that we had to warm up..especially with my 9incher doing the work. I decided to really just WAIL on his ass....it was a blast...and working for Lucas Entertainment was different, because I got to shoot with Micheal Lucas and with Ray Star, so it was definately a cool and very rewarding experience, I mean Micheal Lucas and Ray Starr are HOT!!! haha..


The latest on Jackson Wild - he gets fucked by Dorian Black [gallery]

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Phoenix aka Mario Cazzo is Freshmen of the Year 2008

I saw him first at Next Door Male doing solos and then guy on guy action at Next Door Buddies. However, I haven't seen him suck a cock.

Phoenix_site_01 Phoenix_site_02

How did he win when he only had little exposure? If I am not mistaken, he beat Kurt Diesel (2nd), Jesse Santana (3rd) and Derreck Diamond (4th) - 3 famous porn stars.

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