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Posts from September 2008

Which new guy do you like best?

Just recently released photos on new (amateur) guys doing porn. From top to bottom, first is Travis Michael from Randy Blue, second is Rick from Sean Cody, third is Chaz (who looks like Chase Crawford from Gossip Girl) from Corbin Fisher and last is Tim Vander from College Dudes 24/7. Which one is your favorite, mine is Travis Michael?

Travis_michael_01  Travis_michael_02

Rick_sean_cody_01  Rick_sean_cody_02

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Is this the other side of Harley from Sean Cody?

First, this is Harley [info with gallery] from Sean Cody. I had the hots for him when I first saw his solo.

Harley_01  Harley_02

Harley_03  Harley_04

This the MySpace page of Dr. UnKommon. I embedded Dr Unkommon's Slide page in this post. Dr Unkommon looks definitely like Harley. If so, HE RAPS! Listen to a white boy rap on his MySpage.

Not only that, Harley is into kick boxing.

I guess the "gay for pay" porn stars really do exist. It's really all about the money. Info on Harley found from a forum at Just Us Boys.