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Posts from December 2008

Will 5 Ways to Fuck a Str8 Guy work in real life?

The cover of 5 Ways to fuck a Str8 Guy from Jet Set Studio, out this 2009, is upcoming porn sensation Adam Campbell.


Ryan Rockford of Corbin Fisher gets fucked by engaging his friends in beer drinking. (worked for me!)



Adam Campbell fucks Pat Bateman by making him think he is gay. (will this work?)

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Jude (2006) @ Sean Cody is now Ethan Rock (2008) @ SG4GE

Nothing much has changed, pyhsically, after two years away from porn for Jude [gallery], who did a solo for Sean Cody last 2006, now Ethan Rock doing str8 action for Straight Guys for Gay Eyes.

Sean_cody_jude  Ethan_rock_2008

First read about Jude as Ethan Rock at Sean Cody Reviews.

So, do you want to see Jude aka Ethan Rock in str8 action for SG4GE?

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