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The Drama Queen in Kurt Wild

Kurt_wild_01 Kurt Wild sent emails to his Yahoo Group, in a span of LESS THAN 2 HOURS (sent January 31, 2009) at the height of his anger with Fabscout.

It started with the post  "My rights as a citizen, my rights as a father." "I can and wil legally say this. I just spoke with threat and dislike, with my EX PORN AGENT @ fabcount. I am supposed to forget money I  earn on my job for fabscout to take from fututr work... because I had  to move unexpectadly & within that choose between electrity and water or my family or PORN.. or them right? I admit that I was set up weeks  before, as far as porn goes. My family should go wthout everything and ME or make fabscout and a club happy? Honest, legal truth, I was contacted about that AGAIN. Then asked of AN ANONYMOUS COMPANY TO PAY FASBCOUT MONEY OUT OF MY CHECK AFTERWARDS.. ...TRUTH. Fabscout, you must not care as an ex agent, do you? I call you, and you lie. Is that not true? I offered and you lied. I have a family and you have, a lawyer. Come get some."

Followed by the following "Be the next subway fabscout." "Lie and get a laugh. Tell the truth and live. Law and you, do you know the difference? I have a family nd you have a million dollar home. Seriously, I have NOT LIED. TRY IT! This is and should be enough for you to go on tyra. fans, friends, I TELL THE TRUTH. Good bye to hate."

"Not trying, Just stating the truth."Fabscout probably, should have tried to ruin somone else. Your lies, your fake, your loss. All of them know THE TRUTH."

"I WAS THREATENED ON THE PHONE" "IF I WANTED TO, ONE CLICK I WOULD REMOVED YOUR YAHOO GROUP." - fabscout. It was successfully removed shortly after."

"To you and law, I am not wrong." "Successfully call me a liar, come and show me. MISSOURI!"


"LET THE WORLD KNOW." "I was wronged. Come get some. Look for me on espn, boxing, HOWARD COME GET SOME. LEVEL ME SON OF A BITCH!"

"Money aside, fans alive." "I should have woken up then. I am here now, back from LA. Fabscout wants, LOVED, I AM KURT WILD. Of course my 3 thousand plus fans were vulnerable to him. I AM SORRY, THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN AND I SHALL GO AFTER HIM FOR YOUR LOSS. I will freely call that rich sob an attire of hell."

"I have fans, who love and stand." "Please stop threatening me over your unethical acts! You have a lawayer, and I have real life people. IN THE WORLD TODAY, I STAND UP FOR THE INNOCENT AND LOVED EVERYONE!!! KNOW, I AM YOURS."

"Ok, about Tyra for you." "I tried to be honest, and did just that. Thank you for that honor! To stand up for my brothers and show love in front of them all. I did my best as an honst love. Thank you~ I want to show safer sex and love, that's it. Fabscout can leave us all alone. Lawyers, dare me to press."

"??? c'mon" "live now. I am just there right?"

"Let us talk business." "I will not work with models from fabscout ever again. I will pay MODELS, not "my models" $1200 per scene so bring it on. That is now."

And it ended with an email posted 12 hours later
"A fall out." "
I nice big misunderstanding between fabscout and myself. That's it. Sorry I over reacted, but I don't regret getting that off my shoulders. I don't mean to bring drama or negativity to anyone not even fabscout, I do say I am sorry to all of you for my outburst and show of neglect to the optimistic viewpoints of all of us. I'm sure I am already over the drama of yesterday and in the future I won't go off the hook about things like that. It is my decision however, to never work with another fabscout anything, ever again."

The Evolution of John Esposito to Kevin Cavalli

Big thanks to Jeromme for the info on Kevin Cavalli he sent me via email. And, the comment from Matt on Kevin "He's also married".

I first saw Kevin Cavalli as John Esposito when he first made a video for the gay audience at Straight Eyes for Gay Guys last 2006.



The pay must have been good since he never looked back. (UPDATE: I'm wrong about his one. THANKS TO ZETS' comments, Kevin recently did a str8 video last January 29, 2009). He also made some bisexual BAREBACK videos as Kevin Rocha.


He was mostly top in all the site he has been featured but last March of 2008, as Kevin Cavalli, I saw him get fucked for the first time by RC Ryan [gallery] and later on by Jesse Santana [gallery].



Last December 2008, he agreed again to get fucked as Kevin Rocha, this time BAREBACKED by Rusty Steven in College Bareback.

Considering he is married according to Matt's comment, Kevin Cavalli is clearly a perfect example of a "Gay for Pay" porn star.

Hot Canadian men courtesy of Eddie Stone

Eddie Stone - the next porn webmaster. I just hope he does a Jake Cruise - have sex with his models. THAT WOULD BE HOT. The last time I've seen Eddie Stone in action was last Feb. 2008 where he got fucked by Jason Hawke.


According to an email sent by Eddie Stone in his Yahoo Group, with the subject I'm BACK!!! "I know it's been awhile, but I've been setting up camp back home. I'm in Toronto Canada now and doing great! I'm setting up a whole new website up here with a lot of hot Canadian meat for you to oogle... so I'll keep you posted!!!"

Ryan Raz diagnosed with rectal cancer

Ryan_raz_01 Ryan Raz's statement sent to his Yahoo Group "Through a series of events and doctors visits I have been diagnosed with rectal cancer. While yes this news is alarming for me, the good news is it was caught in the very early stages and can be taken care of quite easily. The doctors and labs have all worked together with great ease and have done a great job overall. Today (Monday the 26th) I meet with my surgeon and I will be having surgery tomorrow the 27th. I have to go under, but fortunately the process is outpatient. Originally we were hopping the procedure was only going to require local anesthetic, but unfortunately that is not the case. I will be up and moving in no time, and life will be back to what is normal for me in a short amount of time. Besides a high fiber diet things will be the just the same as usual. I will be able to return to "full" actives in no longer than two months. Thanks for your thoughts and concerns."

UPDATE from Ryan Raz's Yahoo Group "My surgery and everything went very smooth and just as well as can be expected. Everything got taken care of and I am all better now, besides for the fact that I had to go to the pharmacy today and buy female products for my ass. My pain is VERY minimal as of right now and it looks like I will recover just fine. I am back to my normal routine tomorrow, just may get from place to place a little slower. Thanks for all of your concerns and thoughts. My email was packed today, and if you didn't email me why not?"

Behind the scenes of Ryan Raz's new movie, Cock Stalker, hear him talk about the movie.