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Ryan Raz diagnosed with rectal cancer

Ryan_raz_01 Ryan Raz's statement sent to his Yahoo Group "Through a series of events and doctors visits I have been diagnosed with rectal cancer. While yes this news is alarming for me, the good news is it was caught in the very early stages and can be taken care of quite easily. The doctors and labs have all worked together with great ease and have done a great job overall. Today (Monday the 26th) I meet with my surgeon and I will be having surgery tomorrow the 27th. I have to go under, but fortunately the process is outpatient. Originally we were hopping the procedure was only going to require local anesthetic, but unfortunately that is not the case. I will be up and moving in no time, and life will be back to what is normal for me in a short amount of time. Besides a high fiber diet things will be the just the same as usual. I will be able to return to "full" actives in no longer than two months. Thanks for your thoughts and concerns."

UPDATE from Ryan Raz's Yahoo Group "My surgery and everything went very smooth and just as well as can be expected. Everything got taken care of and I am all better now, besides for the fact that I had to go to the pharmacy today and buy female products for my ass. My pain is VERY minimal as of right now and it looks like I will recover just fine. I am back to my normal routine tomorrow, just may get from place to place a little slower. Thanks for all of your concerns and thoughts. My email was packed today, and if you didn't email me why not?"

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