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Matthew doing more for Straight Fraternity than as Matt Gage for Mike Hancock

as Matt Gage for Mike Hancock, he only got a blow job from Mike Hancock.



as Matthew (with more tattoos) from Straight Fraternity, he got a blow job, sucked himself, and sucked and fucked the owner of Straight Fraternity while his girlfriend was watching.



According to Straight Fraternity "Matt who is straight did straight porn with some major companies and then got a gay blowjob on Mike Hancock. So, I wouldnt normally use him. However he said he would step up his game and do stuff he hasnt done before, which included suck him self, sucking a guy and fucking a guy. The ironic thing about this shoot, he brought his girlfriend,and she watched most of the shoot and loved every minute of it.....I told Matt Shes a Keeper, lol"




Anybody seen him in str8 porn?

My favorite guy on guy action this week - Nash with Dyson RAW

First, I am only choosing from scenes released THIS WEEK from different porn studios.

I was trying to decide which of the three is my favorite. Is it seeing Zeke cumming twice at Corbin Fisher (It was nice to see Zeke get hard again to fuck Dylan.)? Or, is it seeing Tommy D in a flip/flop with a little foot fetish? But, I am choosing the Nash with Dylan scene, a flip/flop bareback. It's nice to see a former Fratmen, a site full of gorgeous guys mostly doing solos, in action with another guy.






What is your favorite guy on guy action this week?

Watch the recently married couple, Francesco D'Macho and Damien Crosse, in Porn Stars in Love

Four real life porn star couples having sex on camera in Porn Stars in Love.

The recenly married couple, Francesco D'Macho and Damien Crosse, in a flip/flop.




My favorite couple Logan McCree and Vinnie D'Angelo also in a flip/flop.




I haven't seen Tristan Jaxx bottom for his partner, Tristan Phoenix.


And, the last, Adam Excell and Morr Foxx are two hot Isrealis both new to porn.

EXCITED to watch Porn Stars in Love?

Leo Giamani is bi, a former fireman and his last bareback scene was last year

Interview courtesy of Queer Click

QueerClick (QC): Rumor is that you used to be a fireman or a policeman before you got your start in porn. Is there any truth to that rumor? And what do you think about the whole "men in uniform" fetish, especially since firemen and policemen have been idolized so much after 9-11?

Leo_giamani_solo_01 Leo_giamani_solo_02

Leo Giamani: I guess I'll say yes. To be honest I've never been a cop, but I was a fireman for six months. It's idolized, but they dont make that much. It's hard to live in NYC and be a fireman.

QC: Would you fuck the hell out of our QC columnist Steve Prince if he promised to write a column about it the week after?

Leo Giamani: No. I don't wanna do pro-bono work.

QC: We've raised money...

Leo Giamani: I'm also under contract and I don't know if he's gonna be filming with cameras or anything. If he's writing about it, I'll probably get sued.



Pictures from Burning Desires [gallery and DVD Info]

QC: What do you love about being a gay porn actor, besides the money?

Leo Giamani: I guess the exposure. I've gotten a lot of gigs with clubs and bars and a lot of modeling gigs. I was able to get a couple of underwear ads and a couple of clubs events doing signings. It's nice to see how much you're appreciated by fans. When people come up and say "You've helped me through some hard times." At the same time, people can stalk you. On one end you're a fantasy and on the other, a role model. I also might have screwed myself. Some modeling jobs, once they find out what you're doing, they'll let you go. But the average porn career is about 3 to 4 months. So I've been fortunate the way I've marketed myself.

QC: How has doing gay porn changed your perception of gay men?

Leo Giamani: I've been bi for a while and I'm not stereotyping, but maybe I wasn't as feminine as I am now. I mean, about enjoying it. But I can feel... y'know, I never had a negative opinion about being gay, but now I'd say I'm more open.


Picture from The Trainer [gallery and DVD Info]

QC: You have a BA in science, have been accepted into med school, and have expressed interest in getting an MBA, though you've also said you don't have time for additional studies right now. What do you see yourself doing after porn?

Leo Giamani: I don't know. In a way it's actually limited some of the things I can do. In some ways porn's not good because it's affected my future. I don't know yet.

AND WHEN IT COMES TO BAREBACK, Leo Giamani said "I have heard things. A friend of mine has done untested bareback before and I think it's crazy. The last time I did bareback was either late August and the last week of September last year. It was a money thing for me to be honest. I was tested, but how good is a test with the three month incubation period?

Read the complete interview at Queer Click