My favorite guy on guy action this week - Nash with Dyson RAW
For those who missed Mark Wolff

Matthew doing more for Straight Fraternity than as Matt Gage for Mike Hancock

as Matt Gage for Mike Hancock, he only got a blow job from Mike Hancock.



as Matthew (with more tattoos) from Straight Fraternity, he got a blow job, sucked himself, and sucked and fucked the owner of Straight Fraternity while his girlfriend was watching.



According to Straight Fraternity "Matt who is straight did straight porn with some major companies and then got a gay blowjob on Mike Hancock. So, I wouldnt normally use him. However he said he would step up his game and do stuff he hasnt done before, which included suck him self, sucking a guy and fucking a guy. The ironic thing about this shoot, he brought his girlfriend,and she watched most of the shoot and loved every minute of it.....I told Matt Shes a Keeper, lol"




Anybody seen him in str8 porn?