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Sneak Peek on the other scenes at Ringside

Besides Erik Rhodes getting fisted by Francois Sagat, there are 4 other scenes at Ringside, which is available this July 7, 2009.

Scene 1: Tomas Friedl fucking Erik Rhodes while sucking Paolo Verdi and Scene 2: Patrik Staw fucks Mario Cooper.

Ringside_scenes_01 Ringside_scenes_02

Scene 4: Steven Ward fucks Olin Green and Scene 5 is an orgy of 5 guys which includes Erik Rhodes and Lucky Taylor.

Ringside_scenes_03 Ringside_scenes_04

I will try to post more pictures as soon as it becomes available.


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Still hot or not? The after prison look of Mark Dalton


Picture via Vincent Lambert

From Vincent Lambert interview with Mark Dalton "Though he is currently single, Dalton hopes that will change someday. “But I’m in no rush,” he says. When the subject turns to his sexuality, he sighs. He’s covered this ground before. “I’m straight,” he says. “I have never said that in an interview before, but I am.” So how did he make his scenes with Atlas and others so convincing? “I’m just a good actor!” he jokes. “But having sex on film is not a priority for me. I mean, I don’t wanna do straight porn either. I would consider doing a movie if the right deal came along and I had more control, but basically I’m a private person."

Another Road Trip, this time to Las Vegas.

It's the 10th Road Trip and now available to watch online at Falcon Studios which stars Kevin Martin, Ethan Storm, Ashton Cooper, Dante Fox ,Conner O'Reily and MJ Taylor.

My favorite pair-up is Ethan Storm with Dante Fox. I just enjoy watching inter-racial sex. It's weird that Falcon Studios identifies Dante as a top and yet he bottomed more than once in this movie.

Road_trip_las_vegas_01 Road_trip_las_vegas_01b


Like most Road Trip, it ends with an orgy.




Other pair-ups: MJ Taylor with Ashton Cooper, and Kevin Martin with Conner O'Reily.

Road_trip_las_vegas_07 Road_trip_las_vegas_06

Road_trip_las_vegas_09 Road_trip_las_vegas_08