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Gay Porn Newsletter Oct 2009 Part 5

Do you like the new blond look of Dawson Riley (right picture)? - It's a trailer trash no for me :) I like the old one.

Dawson_riley_old_haircut Dawson_riley_new_haircut

Allen of Corbin Fisher now Baxter James of Straight Guys for Gay Eyes? It looks like him, right?

Allen_corbinfisher_01 Allen_corbinfisher_02
Baxter_james_sg4ge_01 Baxter_james_sg4ge_02

Another twins, Eli and Ethan, are having sex, this time at Daddy Mugs [more info]


Forum at Just Us Boys - Cody Cummings was whining on his blog about how agencies won't let him work with their girls because he "lets" a guy blow him.

The reply from Jasun from SG4GE was interesting "it's a problem that we've had. We have a site called straight guys for gay eyes and some agencies won't allow their women to work for us because it has "gay" in the title. Some of the women won't work with our models because they're men having sex for gay men to see... some won't work with the guys if they've worked with guys. We had one guy who came to work for us but refused to show his ass because "people will think I'm gay if a girl touches my ass." If we use women who aren't porn star hot, some members complain about it.. most don't care about the girl. But some of the women who've worked for us have said that they've had trouble getting work afterward because they worked with "gay" people... even though the gay people are the ones holding the cameras. Don't think there isn't homophobia in the straight industry."

Who wore the "mo-hawk" hairstyle best? Bobby Clark (picture via Photo Larry) or Rod Daily?

Bobby_clark_mohawk_01 Rod_daily_mohawk_01
Bobby Clark will get fucked by Wolf Hudson soon [info]

From the comment of Jeff [THANKS!] on this newsletter post "Hey menofporn dude, I was looking through some straight porn and its always interesting when something like this comes across by accident, I found some straight porn by dylan of corbinfisher aka brett (i think) of randyblue: [link to straight video of Brett]"

It never crossed my mind Dylan aka Brett, who got fucked by different guys, will do straight porn, like lick and fuck a pussy.


A picture grab from a Dare Dorm video

Interesting stuffs from the upcoming movie Eye Contact

According to Titan Men "Eye Contact is a knowing glance, a subtle stare, a receptive gaze…we all know that sex starts with eye contact"

ONE: Normally the bottom, Marco Blaze topped Dean Flynn


TWO: Dean Flynn pissing in the woods and Tony Buff pissing on Christopher Saint inside the building.


THREE: We get to see the thick cock in action of the newest exclusive model from Titan Men, David Anthony.


Porn star pairing of Eye Contact

Scene 1 - Marco Blaze and Dean Flynn
Scene 2 - Tony Buff and Christopher Saint
Scene 3 - Gio Forte and Jay Roberts
Scene 4 - David Anthony with David Dakota

Trailer of the movie Eye Contact

Spence to Devin Draz to Danny Drake

From Dave (THANK YOU!) who sent me the tip via email "Damn.. he started out as Spence on ASG and ended up becoming a huge bottom on that site.. moved upscale a bit and became Devin Draz on Randy Blue and now he is Danny Drake in Hot Bods on Colt.. at least he kept the double d's maybe next he will become Danny Devito"

I actually made a post about Spence becoming Devin Draz at Randy Blue where he got fucked by Leo Giamani. And now, working for Colt Studio, thanks to Dave's email tip, he is now known as Danny Drake where he bottomed for Berke Banks in Hot Bods.




Two interesting stuffs from the upcoming movie Obsession

Just two for the meantime since only pictures from two scenes were released today by Lucas Entertainment. According to Lucas, Obsession uncovers the madness of lust and the dark paths it leads down.

ONE: cum eating from Avi Dar and Johnny Angel.



TWO: The hole of Spencer Reed after years of doing porn. I can only remember one scene where he bottomed - it was with Riley Burke. Does he bottom in his private life? His hole is not as tight as a lesbian pussy :)