The evolution of Rick to Rick Ravishing to Rick Ross
Fratmen Charlie is now Taylor at Chaosmen

Did you know Devin Draz (aka Spence and Danny Drake) has a wife?

If the guys at Straight Guys for Gay Eyes are to be believed, they said on their latest update "We’re proud to present real life husband and wife, Devin Draz and Skyler".

Almost always the bottom, Devin Draz last 2 projects was getting fucked by Leo Giamani and Berke Banks.

Devin_draz_leo_giamani_01 Devin_draz_leo_giamani_02

And, now this...

Devin_draz_sg4ge_01 Devin_draz_sg4ge_02
He looks like his enjoying since he has an erection :)
The wife should have fucked him with a strap on