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What's the point of hiring a former Fratmen if he doesn't want gay action?

The last Fratmen cross over to Chaosmen was Charlie last November 2009 who recently got sucked by Elliot. And, we have seen two former Fratmen giving each other a blowjob. But, JJ [gallery] who is now Drederick [gallery] said in the interview that he doesn't want gay sex. According to Chaosmen "But he did say one of his straight friends did a gay-for-pay-site, and one of their gay friends blabbed it to anyone and everyone who listened, including the guy's girlfriend and eventually, his family... Drederick flatly said, "No way!" to any gay work because of what happened to his buddy."

Left pictures are from his Fratmen photo shoot last February 2009 while pictures on the right are from his current photo shoot with Chaosmen.

Jj_fratmen_01 Drederick_chaosmen_01
Jj_fratmen_02 Drederick_chaosmen_02
Jj_fratmen_03 Drederick_chaosmen_03

What's for porn dinner for Thanksgiving? :)

Hayden Stephens getting stuffed by John Magnum at Straight Edge.


Spencer Reed's mouth stuffed with Robert's cock at Dirty Tony [gallery]


A foursome stuffing with Brian, Kasey, Randy and Damien at Active Duty


James Aaron getting stuffed with a foreign object at Club Inferno [gallery]


Ricky Martinez stuffed with Mario Costa's cock at Extra Big Dicks


Double stuffing with Jeremy Hall, Rod Daily and Connor at Club Jeremy

DSC_0041 copy

Firefighter Mikey stuffing his cock at Coast Guard Brendan at All American Heroes [gallery]


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