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From Dave: Do you think Connie Francis realizes that these aren't the boys she wants? :)

Made me laugh when I got an email from Dave (THANK YOU!) about the guys behind Connie Francis.

Connie Francis was in Florida to announce the first edition of "Where the Boys Are: Connie Francis' Great American Beach Party." I see Matthew Rush and Rusty Stevens. Is the third guy also a gay porn star? (I need a facial recognition software!)

Image via
Sun Sentinel


Image via Unzipped blog

Getting to know more about Spencer Reed

Interview courtesy of Falcon Studios Blog


Falcon Studios (F): So Spencer, how did you get started in porn?

Spencer Reed (S): I was recruited by a few different companies, actually, but the first thing I ever did was a solo video for Randy Blue.

F: If you can, describe your hottest or most memorable sexual experience for our readers.

S: Probably getting a handjob from this hot guy sitting next to me on a plane. It was totally random. I like that.

Spencer_reed_02 Spencer_reed_03

F: What kinds of things turn you on about a guy?

S: A  nice fat bubble ass, nice abs, juicy cock. Love submissive bottoms.

F: Are there any performers you’d like to work with in the future?

S: Yeah, there are a ton. Christian Owen, Roman Heart, Brent Everett if he  would  bottom.

Spencer_reed_04 Spencer_reed_05

F: And finally, if you can, tell our readers something they wouldn’t expect about you.

S: I have gone deer hunting a few times and really enjoyed it.

Complete interview at Falcon Studios blog