Then and now: Nash Lawler
For those who missed Kevin Cavalli in action

Chad Hollon (Randy Blue) aka Raymond (Sean Cody) was also Alex at Dirty Tony

Before Chad Hollon appeared at Randy Blue last December 2008, he was Raymond at Sean Cody last December 2008. But before that, he was also Alex at Dirty Tony last August 2008.


Why all solos? Would he be a good example of a str8 guy needing money? According to an email I received from someone who met him (he prefers to remain anonymous) "I actually know him. He dated a few of my girl friends. He was also went by Alex for Dirty Tony."


So I emailed him back - "According to your friends, how was he as a date? Is he hotter in person? Does your girl friends know he is now doing porn (What was their reaction)?" And he replied "Well, he isn't with them anymore cuz he goes from one to the next. I'd say he's hotter in person for sure. He's just a really good guy. They know about one of them. He told me about the rest and I've kept that to myself."


I can't decide which version of Raymond aka Chad Hollon is much hotter.