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Posts from April 2010

Porn favorites this week

Favorite new guys in porn

Jonas from Sean Cody [gallery]

Favnewguy_jonas_Seancody_01 Favnewguy_jonas_Seancody_02

Leon Oliver from English Lads [gallery]

Favnewguy_leon_oliver_englishlads_01 Favnewguy_leon_oliver_englishlads_02

Favorite action

Girth Brooks' huge cock in action at Hot Jocks Nice Cocks. When will he agree to do more than just get sucked and fucked a guy?


Cain from Dirty Boy Video [gallery]. He was paired with Paolo.


Gabriel Liarh from Cocky Boys [gallery] where he got fucked by Carlos Casitas.


One interesting stuff from the upcoming movie Jersey Score

The casts are mostly "gay for pay" porn stars. In my opinion, there are only 2 porn stars in this movie who is not gay for pay.

From the Sesame Street song "Two of these guys are not like the others, Two of these guys just doesn't belong, Can you tell which guys are not like the others, By the time I finish my song?" :)

Jersey_score_jetsetmen_01 Jersey_score_jetsetmen_02
Jersey_score_jetsetmen_04 Jersey_score_jetsetmen_05
Jersey_score_jetsetmen_09 Jersey_score_jetsetmen_10

DVD info of Jersey Score, which stars Andrew Blue, Dean Coxx , Derrick Vinyard, Hayden Stephens, Jarred King, Joshua Logan, Kevin Cavalli and Trent Diesel, available this coming May 2010.

One small step in gay porn, a giant leap for Eric Blaine fans :) - error corrected

After more than 2 years in gay porn, Eric Blaine finally agreed to fuck his ass with a dildo. It's a start to what he might agree to do next. 

From Von "I hate to burst your bubble, but Eric Blaine put a dildo up his ass on Cockyboys back in 2008. It was the largely underwhelming and unsuccessful topping of fellow gay-for-payer Jarred, who has done mainstream pussy porn, and not the straight sex for gay guys gig. You probably covered that before."

My reply "OOOPS! I do remember that scene. I was focused more on Jarred and said there was no clear shot that Jarred was indeed fucked by Blaine. Visited the link you sent. My mistake! Thank you for bursting my bubble :)"


Again, thanks to Von for pointing out (via comment) this is not his first time with a dildo up his ass!