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Christian Wilde just put a finger up his ass

It's from the upcoming movie Layover-Los Angeles from Jocks of Falcon Studios "Christian Wilde is the man of the hour, featured in three scenes on this hot new Jocks release. In this solo outing, Christian soaks up the afternoon sun, with nothing to do but play with himself. He grips his fat cock and starts to pleasure himself. Eyes closed, biting and licking his lower lip, he strokes away. He even fingers his hole and jiggles his nutsack until he finally explodes, spewing his warm white cream all over himself."


I can't wait on what he will do in the other two scenes. But, I don't think he will get fucked in this movie. If he did, Falcon Studios should have made a big deal about it via press releases.

This solo scene is now available for viewing at Falcon Studios.

Comment of Chris "A younger Christian Wilde fingered himself a couple times over at DefiantBoyz.Very hot!" I found two preview video of Christian Wilde when he was still with Defiant Boyz [ 01 and 02]

Request of A.M for a poll on when do you think Christian Wilde will bottom.