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Aliases of Corbin Fisher models Part 2

Corbin Fisher models (names on the left) who have moved on to other porn sites (names on the right with links on their gallery) or vice versa. (Link to Part 1)

Casey = Casey Fitch = Fitch Abel (Rascal) = Butch Love (BigDikFactory)

Casey_fitchabel_01 Casey_fitchabel_02

Cody = Andrew = Andy Honda (Freshmen Magazine) = Alan (MasterLewis) = Britton Harcourt (ByGone Boys) = Brandon (FratMen.TV)

Cody_brandon_01 Cody_brandon_02

Damon = Damon Phoenix (Falcon, Hot House, JetSet, Studio 2000, etc.)

Damon_damonphoenix_001 Damon_damonphoenix_01

David = James (MiamiBoyz), Jimbo (Bangbros) = David (Inches, Oct 2007)

David_james_01 David_james_02

Derek II = Davis (ChaosMen)

Derek_davis_01 Derek_davis_02

Dillon = Preston Parker (BangBros) = Preston (Chaosmen)

Dillon_parker_preston_01 Preston_chaosmen_01

Dru = Dakota (SeanCody)

Dru_dakota_01 Dru_dakota_02

Dylan II = Brett Swanson (RandyBlue)

Dylan_brett_swanson_01 Dylan_brett_swanson_02

Ellery = Krys (PerfectGuyz) = Mitch Phelps (Straight Guys for Gay Eyes)

Ellery_mitch_phelps Ellery_mitch_phelps_02

Eric = Michael A (RandyBlue)

Eric_michael_a_01 Eric_michael_a_02

Who I missed in this group? CODY! 

Again, THANKS to JC and his friends (Mark B, Erik, and Gerard) for this compilation of aliases of Corbin Fisher models.

UPDATE Also, thank you for the comment and twitter message (Fly Gal) for the other aliases.