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Finally, Cocky Boys will start adding new content this October

After waiting for more months, Cocky Boys will finally be updated with new content starting with Pierre Fitch and Wolf Hudson this coming Oct 7, 2010.

Wolf_hudson_pierre_fitch_01 Wolf_hudson_pierre_fitch_02
Wolf_hudson_pierre_fitch_03 Wolf_hudson_pierre_fitch_04

Hopefully it will be a weekly update.

Pierre Fitch caught off guard talking about taking his boyfriends HUGE cock for the first time.

Pierre Fitch's latest Tweet (http://twitter.com/pierrefitch) "a TV Producer is gonna work on a Reality show with the daily life of me touring around as a DJ and also doing..."

Wolf Hudson's latest Tweet (http://twitter.com/wolfhudson) "Heading down to the set. Shooting with @TaraLynnFoxx for @kinkdotcom"

For those who missed Chance Caldwell in gay porn

THEN Chance Caldwell (aka Jay Huntington in str8 porn) started doing porn in 1983. If I am not mistaken, he left gay porn for str8 porn. His son Jerry Kovach followed his footstep in str8 porn where they had a scene together.

Chance_caldwell_THEN_01 Chance_caldwell_THEN_02 
Chance_caldwell_THEN_03 Chance_caldwell_THEN_04 

NOW Chance Caldwell is back in gay porn. His scene with Lance Howard at Suite 703 will be released this Wednesday.


Excited to see him back in gay porn?

Galleries of the Week - Donny Wright, Ace Warner, Perry Pierce, Ryan Rockford, Castro and more

Donny Wright looks better now than he first appeared at Randy Blue.

I noticed that Ace Warner has a lot of white spots on his body.

Proof that Haze Him videos are not submitted by real college students, Perry Pierce (aka Brian Summers) is one of the car washers.

If Ryan Rockford is soft while getting fucked, does it mean he is indeed gay for pay :)

Lastly, Castro should not be the only guy with a huge dick at It's Gonna Hurt, there should be a variety of dig dicked guys

Click each picture to open to the gallery.

Galleriesoftheweek_01 Galleriesoftheweek_02 Galleriesoftheweek_03
Galleriesoftheweek_04 Galleriesoftheweek_05 Galleriesoftheweek_06
Galleriesoftheweek_07 Galleriesoftheweek_08 Galleriesoftheweek_09
Galleriesoftheweek_10 Galleriesoftheweek_11 Galleriesoftheweek_12
Galleriesoftheweek_13 Galleriesoftheweek_14 Galleriesoftheweek_15

Porn Favorites this week - Attila Nigel, Jake Austin and Gavin Waters

Favorite new guy in porn Attila Nigel from Belami Online

Newguy_attila_nigel_belami_01 Newguy_attila_nigel_belami_02
Newguy_attila_nigel_belami_03 Newguy_attila_nigel_belami_04

Favorite Action I am now becoming a fan of Jake Austin [twitter, twitpics, YOUTube and blog]. Jake paired with Parker London in his latest movie from Falcon Studios.

So far, I've seen him at Naked Kombat [gallery] and Suite 703 [gallery].


Favorite TWEETS this Week

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NSFSGE (not safe for sensitive gay eyes) Erik Rhodes holding a woman's boobs http://tinyurl.com/2799y6s

From @TrentDiesel69 "I am deathly afraid of being on stage in front of people" http://tinyurl.com/2fkkg6f

NEWS on Leo Giamani by @Jack_Manly "We got word from Leo himself that he's definitively left the porn biz" http://tinyurl.com/2ajrzzx

Q&A by fans on Jonathan Agassi "...my ex-bf peed in my ass.. I spilled it all in a glass and drank it all." http://tinyurl.com/2fwhf94

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Favorite Sex Position Phillip Aubrey sucking and fucking Gavin Waters at the same time [gallery]