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Posts from November 2010

Excited about the new Rod Daily website?

The new Rod Daily website is now open. So far, most of it are old videos he made from Next Door. Correct me if I am wrong, I only recognize one video that is new - his scene with Vince Ferelli which is a flip/fuck.


This is the second time Vince and Rod were paired. The first one was at Hot House last year.

FYI on Vince Ferelli He is in a releationship with she-male porn star Natalia Coxxx for a month now.

Other scenes of Rod Daily (click each picture to open to the gallery)

 Rod_daily_website_01 Rod_daily_website_02
Rod_daily_website_03 Rod_daily_website_04 Rod_daily_website_05
Rod_daily_website_06 Rod_daily_website_07 Rod_daily_website_08

The new look of Kurt Wild

Look of 2008 We learned in 2008 that Kurt Wild was married and with kids.

Kurt_wild_2008_01 Kurt_wild_2008_02
Kurt_wild_2008_03 Kurt_wild_2008_04

Look of 2009 In 2009, we found out that Kurt Wild can be a drama queen.

Kurt_wild_2009_01 Kurt_wild_2009_02
Kurt_wild_2009_03 Kurt_wild_2009_04

Look of 2010 He seemed to have mellowed down in 2010 - created a website to share his passion in photography and even made a It Gets Better video.

Kurt_wild_2010_01 Kurt_wild_2010_02
Kurt_wild_2010_03 Kurt_wild_2010_04

THIS MONTH Kurt Wild at Suite 703 [mobile] with Steven Daigle


Roman of SC = Gage of CM = Aiden of CF

Both scenes of Roman (left) of Sean Cody and Gage (right) of Chaos Men were released last 2007. But, as Roman, he did more than a solo, he got sucked by Cole.

Roman_seancody_01 Gage_chaosmen_01
Roman_seancody_02 Gage_chaosmen_02

He is the latest guy at Corbin Fisher using the name Aiden. I am not saying he is gay. But, if he was gay in real life, be ready to have sex with a woman :) It's the first initiation for new guys at Corbin Fisher.


(Galleries) Trystan Bull with Brandon Lewis, Marcus Mojo and more

Two scenes are not yet online but galleries of Trystan Bull with Brandon Lewis and Marcus Mojo (aka Landon Mycles) have been released.

Will the pictures translate to the videos? Will Marcus Mojo be the second third guy to get fucked by Trystan Bull?

Tyrstall_bull_01 Tyrstall_bull_02
Tyrstall_bull_03 Tyrstall_bull_04

SOLOS of Trystan Bull

Tyrstall_bull_06 Tyrstall_bull_07 Tyrstall_bull_08
Tyrstall_bull_09 Tyrstall_bull_10 Tyrstall_bull_11

Release scenes with picture gallery of Johnny Torque, Rod Daily and Marko Lebeau.

Tyrstall_bull_12 Tyrstall_bull_13 Tyrstall_bull_14

Just click each picture to open to the galleries

Porn Stuffs

Cliff Jensen is Gay for Pay A tweet from one of his followers "Ya, but I think this whole gay for pay thing is a HUGE sham. We call it closet case ;)" which Cliff Jensen replied

Cliff_jensen_02 Cliff_jensen_03

Mike Buffalari's first gay porn step? I've always seen him in a solo shoot. This is the first time I've seen him paired with another guy [whipped and tickled] but no kissing etc

Mike_buffalari_01 Mike_buffalari_02

First time for Diego sucking cock [info]

Diego_dirty_tony_01 Diego_dirty_tony_02

New look for Adam Worthmore from On The Hunt

Adam_worthmore_onthehut_01 Adam_worthmore_onthehut_02

How true is this comment on Kurt Wild? [link] "...he's lying. or at least the comment isn't true. Personally i know kurt and he's living with his boyfriend in his apartment. Obviously i am being anonymous but believe i know him!!!!!"

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