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Paul = Cassidy Jones (Thanks Tom and GMan)

Thanks to Tom for this info sent via email "Cassidy Jones, the "new guy" featured in the latest update at TommyDXXX, is not that "new". He did a few scenes about a year ago on the Sean Cody site using the name "Paul". In his latest scene he's definitely put on a few pounds, and not in a good way. His very distinctive tats, praying hands on his chest and a cross with other Christian symbols on his back, really leave no doubt about the fact that Paul and Cassidy Jones are the  same model."

Paul_aka_cassidy_jones_seancody_01 Cassidy_jones_tommyd_01

Also, thanks to Gman for this info sent via a comment "I thought I would point out that Cassidy Jones on TommyDxxx now is from Sean Cody. He was Paul there and he fucked Kurt in one scene and Jesse in another. The praying hands on the chest confirmed my curiousity."


Paul's latest as Cassidy Jones is a threesome with with Zach Alexander and Tommy D.


Lots of 3-ways to choose from this week

ONE Mason Wyler with Adam Wirthmore and Paul Wagner. My favorite in this scene is Paul Wagner.


TWO Double penetration of Tomas Coccin and Nick Daniels with the help of David White. My favorite in this scene is Tomas [gallery].


THREE Belami boy Ariel Vanean fucked by Corbin Fisher guys Connor and Dawson. My favorite in this scene is Ariel.


FOUR Tommy D with Cassidy Jones and Zack Alexander. My favorite in this scene is Tommy.


FIVE Nate, Tyler and Chad at Club Jeremy. My favorite in this scene is Nate.


SIX Chris Rockway finally agreed to bottomed again to both Richard Pierce and Gunner Pierce. My favorite in this scene is Richard Pierce.

3some_chris_rockway_bottom_02 3some_chris_rockway_bottom_03

SEVEN Lucky Daniels fucked by Rio and Jed James at Men At Play. My favorite in this scene is Jed Daniels.


LAST but not the least Rod Daily, Phenix Saint and Adam Wirthmore at Next Door Buddies. My favorite in this scene is Phenix and Rod.


For Devin Draz loyal fans, is this the first time he has done bareback?

In the latest update of Dirty Tony, Devin Draz got barebacked by America.

Devin_draz_barebacked_01 Devin_draz_barebacked_02
Devin_draz_barebacked_06 Devin_draz_barebacked_07

Update as of May 19, 2010

Comment from One "Dirty Tony airbrushes the rubbers out of their pics. In the vids, there is never any BB. Signed up for the site and it's false advertisement."

Comment from Andrea "it isn't bb. america has a condom in the video."

That's why I can't find any information about Dirty Tony and bare backing on other porn blogs. Why the deception?

Update as of May 27, 2010 I can now agree with comments of One and Andrea that this scene is NOT bareback. I've seen the video and America removed the condom he was wearing before he cummed on Devin's stomach.

Porn Star updates on Gus Mattox, Brent Everett, Brett Swanson and more

Gus_mattoxGus Mattox from Mark Adams "Popular porn artiste Gus Mattox has been getting some great reviews with his new solo show Canned Ham, which is running for most of this month in Silverlake. Performing as Tom Judson, he sings and tugs at the heartstrings with some great stories. And he plays the according while looking sexy, according to one account, and we all know how sexy that can be. He's at the Cavern Club Theatre now, and will be moving the show to Provincetown's Art House starting June 6th. On his nights off at the Art House, he will also be appearing with the fantastic Varla Jean Merman at the same venue. I'll have to see them both."

Article on Brent Everett on South Florida Gay News: Selling Sex - Turning Porn into Profit

Johnny Hazzard Drives Cross-Country, Loses Tooth

Book Review: Rising Starz

Titan Men Star Francois Sagat & Marco Blaze Cocks get Immortalized

Helium Dirty Talk With Steven Daigle & Alessio Romero

Candid shots of Porn Stars


Jason Pitt at Cocktails with the Stars from Behind the T Ball


"Text, Lies and Video" Premiere Party at Here Lounge from Behind the T Ball


Sassy Drag Wars with Randy Blue Boys

Daily Dudetube of Pierre Fitch