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Brent Everett got fucked in his upcoming movie Twintastic

From Jesse and Joshua at Fratmen, to Corbin Fisher as Liam and Luca where they shared their experience side by side, and now as Luco Rosso and Liam Russo for Channel 1 Releasing. The twins just finished their scene with Brent Everrett in the upcoming movie Twintastic, which you can watch at C1r's Cockwatch.

It's not often that we see Brent Everett as a bottom. Lets all savor this moment.

Brent_everett_twins_01 Brent_everett_twins_02
Brent_everett_twins_03 Brent_everett_twins_04
Brent_everett_twins_06 Brent_everett_twins_07

 It was said at Corbin Fisher that Joshua/Liam was straight while his twin brother Jesse/Luca was gay. If they haven't changed their hairstyle, it's Jesse/Luca fucking Brent while Brent is fucking his straight twin brother Joshua/Liam.

Will you watch the movie Twintastic from C1R?