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Posts from February 2011

New Yahoo Groups of male porn stars

The following groups (recently created & mostly str8 porn stars) are owned by John from New York. 

New Stars (comments of each group are from owner John)

Chris Johnson tall most handsome all American boy superstar

Chris Strokes 2 about this popular studs gay and solo work only

Aaron Wilcox tall handsome and and an incredible body very hot stud

Alan Stafford model boy looks incredible body

Eric John Fans  very popular darkhaired huge cocked star

Jeremy Holmes gorgeous blond cleancut looking boy next door gone very bad

Vintage (comments of each group are from owner John)

Jeffrey Hurst incredibly hairy handsome moustached hunk with an incredible ass and cock  to match

Nick Niter incredibly handsome and well built sexy former stripper one of the hottest ever

Gregor Samsa tall handsome brunette hunk with a huge prick

Eric Edwards fans legenday handsome stud of 2000 pics

Ron Hudd very popular sexy NYC stud with a gorgeous body big cock and hot butt

Rick Iverson only in a few films, this incredibly sexy boy next door made an unforgettable impact 

Mike DeMarco big hot hunky bisexual Playgirl model porn hunk

Ashley Moore handsome moustached hairy stud of many films

Dave Ambrose the handsome sexy husband of porn star Tish Ambrose

80s Adult Film Hunks many stars including Paul Barresi and Rick Cassidy

Aiden of CF is getting bigger

THEN This is Aiden (aka Roman and Gage) when he started with a solo at Corbin Fisher last November 2010.

Aiden_cf_THEN_01 Aiden_cf_THEN_02

NOW This week, he was paired with Cain.

Aiden_cf_NOW_01 Aiden_cf_NOW_02

Even with Cain, I did not enjoy this scene. It didn't feel like they wanted to have sex with one another. I did enjoy his scene with Travis, where CF teased us with a few seconds of bareback - the duo scene became a threesome with Connor where Aiden shot twice.

From SX Video to Lucas Entertainment - Joey Milano (Thanks Jean-Francois)


Jean-Francois sent me this email on Joey Milano "...pornstar Joey Milano is back with Michael Lucas's last film "Desire" and he looks even hotter... He was mostly a bottom but unfortunately he tops in this movie. He went bareback back then for SX Video and other films such as "cum dump". Can't wait to see him bottom again!"

Joey_milano_lucasentertainment_01 Joey_milano_lucasentertainment_02
Joey_milano_lucasentertainment_03 Joey_milano_lucasentertainment_04


Joey_milano_THEN Joey_milano_NOW

I agree with Jean-Francois that Joey Milano looks hotter now than before.