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Ty Roderick hated by some str8 porn stars for doing gay porn (Thanks Estelle)

Ty Roderick has done gay and tranny porn. I've read that he has done bisexual porn but I coudn't find any pictures as proof ==> Thanks to Flygal for sending me the title of his bisexual porn movie - Husbands Teaching Wives How to Suck Cock 2.

Ty_roderick_02 Ty_roderick_03
Ty_roderick_asg_01 Ty_roderick_asg_02
Ty_roderick_ndm_01 Ty_roderick_ndm_02
Ty_roderick_bi_01 Ty_roderick_bi_02

Ty started doing str8 porn this 2011 using the name Antonio Giovanni. I found scenes of him at Bangbros and a movie called Pegging. Pegging is a sexual practice in which a woman penetrates a man's anus with a strap-on dildo.

Ty_roderick_pegging_01 Ty_roderick_pegging_02

Last night, tweets about Antonio Giovanni doing gay porn as Ty Roderick was outed by a female porn stars due to his scene at Bangbros. They don't like working with cross over porn stars because gay porn does not do monthly testing as str8 porn.

FYI Bangbros has a few cross over porn stars.


To Diamnond Foxxx, you have been paired with a cross over porn star more than once.  

The Ty Roderick twitter account has been deleted and only his Antonio Giovanni twitter account exist.


Cocky Boys will be relaunched AGAIN

I posted last September 2010 that Cocky Boys will again add new content to their website after months of no updates. The relaunch of the website saw the return of Sebastian Young to porn after his release from prison. BUT, after a few weeks, the updates stopped AGAIN. Another relaunch of Cocky Boys is expected to happen this May 2011.

Why get excited? Let me count the ways :)

ONE The return of Brodie Sinclair.


TWO More of Jimmy Clay as a bottom. He will be fucked by Sebastian Young, Mason Star and Phenix Saint.

Jimmy_clay_01 Jimmy_clay_02
Jimmy_clay_03 Jimmy_clay_04

THREE Gabriel Clark (aka Gabriel Lenfant) will bottom for the first time. A behind the scene photoshoot with Trent Diesel was released.

HOT or not? Interracial Sex

Johnny Johnes and Pauly Pomano Johnny Johnes used the name Josh when he appeared in other porn sites. I've also seen him on Bait Bus. I am just glad Johnny is getting more porn work like his latest scene at Circle Jerk Boys.

 Johnny_johnes_pauly_romano_01 Johnny_johnes_pauly_romano_02
Johnny_johnes_pauly_romano_04 Johnny_johnes_pauly_romano_05
Johnny_johnes_pauly_romano_06 Johnny_johnes_pauly_romano_07

Please don't pout. This is not America's Next Top Model :)

 Johnny_pout_01 Johnny_pout_02

Breakz & Jarvis Chandler Jarvis Chandler is a friend of one of Men of Porn's tipsters who wants to remain anonymous. According to him "A good friend of mine is making his debut on Mix It Up Boy as Jarvis Chandler. He's a tattooed white thug with a heart of gold."

 Breakz_jarvis_chandler_01 Breakz_jarvis_chandler_02
Breakz_jarvis_chandler_04 Breakz_jarvis_chandler_05

UPDATE Victor H's article at Gay Demon


BIGGER guy fucked by SMALLER guy - Billy Heights with Angel Rock

Don't you just love watching the bigger guy (6'2" Billy Heights) getting fucked by a much smaller guy (5'9" Angel Rock)?

This is Billy Heights second scene released by Jet Set Men. Don't expect too much from him.  Like his first one, Billy had to cover his cock with his hand since it wasn't hard.

Billy_heights_angel_rock_01 Billy_heights_angel_rock_02
Billy_heights_angel_rock_03 Billy_heights_angel_rock_04
Billy_heights_angel_rock_06 Billy_heights_angel_rock_07

Still willing to wait for Billy to enjoy gay sex.

Lovers having sex for the money - Austin Wilde and Anthony Romero

I did enjoy watching the second time (first pairup at Suite 703) the two had sex on camera.

Austin Wilde's website was launched last Dec 2010 but he hasn't bottomed to any of his co-stars. And, Austin mentioned in an interview with The Sword that he sometimes got fucked by his lover Anthony off camera. This could have been the perfect moment - Austin's first for his website with his real life boyfriend. Unfortunately, it didn't happen on camera


On the same week Anthony & Austin's scene was released, Anthony's (90% thinks he is hot) scene with Kevin Crows (80% thinks he is hot) was also released by Next Door Buddies. It's hard not to compare the two scenes. For me, Anthony's latest scene is way hotter since I love Kevin more than Austin :)

 Kevin_crows_anthony_romero_01 Kevin_crows_anthony_romero_02
Kevin_crows_anthony_romero_03 Kevin_crows_anthony_romero_04
Kevin_crows_anthony_romero_05 Kevin_crows_anthony_romero_06

There is one more thing I like about Kevin Crows. He replies to his fans on Twitter more often than Austin and Anthony.

Curly or buzz cut for Alexander Kudrov?

Alexander Kudrov used the name Nicholas when he appeared at Corbin Fisher. In his latest scene at Randy Bluehe got fucked by Dean Wildwood. The scene looked like a step by step routine being performed. The passion was lacking.

Alexander_kudrov_01 Alexander_kudrov_02
Alexander_kudrov_03 Alexander_kudrov_04

Can't decide? Compare the two galleries of Alexander - solo and with Dean Wildwood.

Note to self everyone re porn news

Just letting everyone know that all porn news that I gather are usually sent via tweets at http://twitter.com/menofporn (a twitter account is not necessary). The tweets are also placed at the bottom left side on this blog.

Developing News Roman Heart and Benjamin Bradley's relationship status. Twitted just hours ago by Roman "I need a divorce lawyer, this is stressful" I think fans like me need a psychologist since their relationship is so stressfull :)

BAD TEETH A forum at Atkol is currently discussing the teeth of Aaron Cage. Click this link to view the said bad teeth.

The straight and gay side of Cole Harvey (Thanks @Chuliaka)

Cole_harvey_solo_01 Cole_harvey_solo_02

STR8 Cole played one of the fraternity guys who had sex with 2 female students from their college. The scene is called A Lil Skin Gets You In from College Rules.


GAY He fucked Logan Ryder at Circle Jerk Boys and Trey Turner at Extra Big Dicks. He bottomed for Parker London at Bait Buddies.

Cole_harvey_cjb_02 Cole_harvey_ebd_01
Cole_harvey_baitbuddies_01 Cole_harvey_baitbuddies_02

Don't you just love versatile men who does str8 porn?