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Posts from May 2011

What's so interesting about the latest Guys Gone Bi scene with Cain and Dawson?

First, I am grateful for the private message I got from Facebook from Alias74 who told me that Corbin Fisher (CF) pushed some limits in this week's update at Guys Gone Bi (same update as American College Sex).

ONE Cain and Dawson fucked by Ashley, who wore a strap on dildo.


TWO According to Alias74 "...each boy came inside Ashley and took turns eating each other's respective loads creampie style - out of Ashley's vagina (!)..."


Hot or not? Eddie Blake

Eddie Blake's solo appeared at College Dudes last July 2010 and his scene with Carter Nash last August 2010. No other scenes were released in 2010.

Eddie_blake_collegedudes_02 Eddie_blake_collegedudes_03 
Eddie_blake_collegedudes_04 Eddie_blake_collegedudes_05 

With a new tattoo on his chest, he is now working with different websites this 2011. First to release a scene was Circle Jerk Boys where Eddie fucked Jarred King.


This month of May, his scene at Out in Public was released where he was paired with Trent Diesel.


First time as a bottom - Bryce Evans

I think Dominic Ford made a good choice in choosing Gavin Waters (aka Jason) as Bryan Evans' partner. A porn star, who has been fucked numerous times, would know how to make Bryce's first experience as a bottom as painless as possible.


I really thought Bryce Evans was being groomed by Dominic Ford as top only when his first scene was released. I am glad I was wrong.

My favorites in the Memorial Day special of Corbin Fisher

It's not often that we see an orgy at Corbin Fisher. This was FUN to watch. It was a 6 man orgy. The tops were Dru, Connor and Kent (last 3 guys on the right) and the guys who bottomed were Dawson, Trey and Kenny (first three guys on the left).


Among the veterans, my favorite was Connor. I just wished he did not shave his pubes. For the new guys, it was Kent.


The best top was Connor. He really knows how to thrust that dick into a hole. Best bottom was Papa Dawson.


The orgy mostly consisted of three groups where one was the top and the other one was the bottom. They would change partners but maintained the three separate groups. It was hot to see they merged together to form a one cohesive structure which made this my favorite sexual position.


The cum shot scene paired Kent with Kenny, Connor with Dawson, and Dru with Trey. The first pair (picture below) on the left started and ended with the pair on the right. The bottom was the first to shoot followed by his top. For my favorite cum shot by a pair, it was the young guys Kenny and Kent. It created a mess all over the body and face of Kenny.


In the tradition of Corbin Fisher, the condoms melted in their asses :) No condoms were seen in the end. The first condom to disappear was Connor's.

Robert Long looked hot in his mugshot

Robert_long_extrabigdicks_02 Robert_long_extrabigdicks_03 

I had a crush on Robert Long when I first saw him Extra Big Dicks. The scene that stuck in my porn mind was his pairing with Eddie Diaz. He also had two scenes at Cocky Boys - with Alexie Tyler and Tory Mason. But, in all his scenes, he only got sucked and fucked his partner.


He was arrested for driving with a suspended license last Oct 2010. According to a comment sent by John Doe "this guy is bad news ....always in trouble with the law, I know 2 guys he stole money from and they had to take him to court."