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Posts from June 2011

Hot or not? James Huntsman

He already have two str8 scenes released - one by SG4GE & the other one from Next Door Hookups [gallery] which I didn't watch due to boob content :)

His solo will be released this week by Next Door Male. I am now waiting for his first action scene with a guy. I know it's next.

James_huntsman_01 James_huntsman_02 
James_huntsman_03 James_huntsman_04 
James_huntsman_05 James_huntsman_06

I would assume he is bisexual since he stated in his Facebook profile that he is interested in men and women. [twitter of James, Twitgoo and Tumblr]

One of the few scenes left of former gay porn star Jeremy Bilding

Jeremy Bilding recently announced his retirement to gay porn but will continue working for str8 porn.

In a few days, his scene with Parker London for the upcoming movie What Goes Around from Falcon Studios will be released. For this movie, this is the second time I've seen Parker London as a bottom, the first one was with Topher Dimaggio.


Happy or sad that Jeremy Bilding has left the gay bUilding :) ?

Suite 703 just updated their website with new content

Last May 2011, Suite 703 stopped adding new content to their website because they were in the process of making improvements on their tour and member's area. Suite 703 [mobile] is a megasite that contains 3 websites. The first of the 3 websites to update is I'm a Married Man - a flip fuck scene with Ari Sylvio and Cameron Adams.

Ari_sylvio_cameron_adams_03 Ari_sylvio_cameron_adams_04 

The first update after a brief hiatus should be special. This was just an ordinary update.