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Posts from July 2011

The Dirty is like the mini me version of Porn Wiki Leaks? (Thanks Estelle)

Porn Wiki Leaks, now closed after getting a dose of their own medicine from The Real Porn Wiki Leaks, used it's forum to reveal the real names of porn stars who crossed over from gay to straight porn and vise versa.

The Dirty has been revealing real names of porn stars submitted by it's readers. The last was Chad Hollon and the latest victim of The Dirty is Johnny Torque.

Johnny_torque_solo_01 Johnny_torque_solo_02 
Johnny_torque_solo_03 Johnny_torque_solo_04 

Why the change of name for Levi Modesto? (Thanks Von Schlomo)

Last week, he appeared using the name Levi Modesto at SG4GE.

Levi_modesto_01 Levi_modesto_02 
Levi_modesto_04 Levi_modesto_05 

This week at Jake Cruise, who owns SG4GE, he is the lastest update using the name Kris Jamieson.

Kris_jamieson_01 Kris_jamieson_02 

Why was there a need to change his name from Levi Modesto to Kris Jamieson considering both sites SG4GE and Jake Cruise are owned by the same person/company?

UPDATE Thanks to Steve454 and C.A's comments that Levi Modesto (left picture) had a solo released by College Dudes last Sept 2010 and Kris Jamieson (right picture) had a solo released by Randy Blue last March 2011.

Levi_modesto_kris_jamieson_01 Levi_modesto_kris_jamieson_02

The str8 and gay side of Austin Matthews aka Mason of Chaos Men (Thanks Erick)

Mason_chasomen_01 Mason_chasomen_02

STR8 As Austin Matthews for Naughty America, he had three scenes, one released every month which started last May 2011.

Austin_matthews_02 Austin_matthews_03 

GAY As Mason, his solo was released last April 2011. It was mentioned that his girlfriend was present during the shoot. His second scene was a service video with Dalton. On his latest scene released this week, he got fucked for the first time by Isaiah. It was mentioned by Chaos Men that Mason did str8 porn.

Mason_chasomen_05 Mason_chasomen_06 

One thing common with his fucking scenes is that it was all bareback.