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Posts from August 2011

With and without condoms - Ashton of Chaos Men aka Nick Spartan (Thanks ShawnMason)

WITHOUT CONDOMS He started out as Ashton at Chaos Men last February 2009. He had two action scenes where he was fucked first by the yummilicious Jagger and then by Teo.

Ashton_chaosmen_03 Ashton_chaosmen_04 

WITH CONDOMS As Nick SpartEn, his scene where he fucked Steven Daigle was released by Suite 703 last January 2011. This month, his scene as a bottom, using the name Nick SpartAn, to Samuel O'Toole was released.


THEN and NOW of Ashton aka Nick Spartan

Ashton_solo_THEN_chaosmen_01 Nick_spartan_SOLO_suite703_01 
Ashton_solo_THEN_chaosmen_02 Nick_spartan_SOLO_samuel 

On their third pair-up, its just Kevin Crows and Marcus Mojo

FIRST PAIR-UP INCLUDED A WOMAN The first pair up of Kevin Crows (aka Will) who is a shooter, and Marcus Mojo (aka Landon Mycles - first time sucking cock and first time as a bottom) was last October 2010 for SG4GE that included a woman. If I am not mistaken, this was Kevin's first time in action with a guy on camera.

BISEXUAL_kevin_crows_landon_mycles_01 BISEXUAL_kevin_crows_landon_mycles_02 
BISEXUAL_kevin_crows_landon_mycles_03 BISEXUAL_kevin_crows_landon_mycles_04 
BISEXUAL_kevin_crows_landon_mycles_05 BISEXUAL_kevin_crows_landon_mycles_06 

SECOND PAIR-UP INCLUDED ANOTHER GUY The second time was a threesome that included Joey Hard which was released last June 2011 at Marcus Mojo's official website.


LATEST PAIR-UP Finally, just the two of them in the latest update at Marcus Mojo.


DIFFERENCES Marcus Mojo was leaner during his shoot at SG4GE, he is now bigger. Kevin Crows now has facial hair.

Differences_kevin_crows_marcus_mojo_02 Differences_kevin_crows_marcus_mojo_03 
Differences_kevin_crows_marcus_mojo_04 Differences_kevin_crows_marcus_mojo_05 

What's your opinion on Spencer Fox's post about his experience with Next Door Studios? (Thanks Allicide & Alias74)

Last April 27, 2011, Samuel O'Toole posted on his blog that Spencer Fox was very feminine and had some cray cray moments during their shoot.


Spencer Fox replied to the post I made on Samuel's comment on him "I am always trying to perform my very best for the people watching. I don't understand why Mr. O tool, was so mean to me or said so many negative things about me in his blog. I like the guy personally, I think he is fun, and very attractive."

Spencer_fox_solo_01 Spencer_fox_solo_02

It's now Spencer's turn to say something negative about Next Door Studios by calling them Next Whore Studios "This place should be called Next Whore studios, & working there was a really bad first move on my part but I wouldn’t have  known that because I had no prior experience in the adult industry."

Spencer_fox_nextdoor Spencer_fox_nextdoor2

"...When the camera’s aren't rolling, these people in real life are ashamed of being with another man, They don’t like anything gay... " If true, to the exclusives, on or off camera please don't bite the hand that feeds you. Leave if you don't like the job.

"As a gay man" WAIT, it says on your twitter profile that you have a girlfriend.


TO SPENCER I have no evidence since I forgot to capture it when I read it, why did you delete the negative tweet on Jake Cruise? You said Jake Cruise was just like Next Door Studios.

ASENATH WANTS TO KNOW (via comment) Why did you accuse Austin Wilde with having AIDS and then deleted it? Austin Wilde was able to capture the first version of your post.


WHY? The Sword deleted their post on Spencer Fox. Good thing, I have it on my RSS feed. Gay Porn Dirt posted his thoughts on why it was deleted. I do hope The Sword won't get mad if I post it here.


He tweeted about it. Do you think Spencer Fox's career is over?

UPDATE Just to confirm, it was indeed Zach who sent the comment on this post. I got a DM on twitter that it might not be Zach. So, I asked for a confirmation.


Jimmy Coxxx (Clay) was a MMA Fighter, wrestler and football player (Thanks Estelle)

Just last week, we learned that Danny of Sean Cody was a MMA Figher. Danny's hotness' level, according to 80% who voted Yes, rose after learning he is now a MMA fighter. Like Danny, Jimmy Coxxx already bottomed several times. He is now getting better as a porn actor since he first started.

GAY PORN Two porn sites that has most of Jimmy Coxxx's scenes are Cocky Boys and Cocksure Men


MMA FIGHTER Looking at the dates, his MMA career, with 2 wins and 1 loss, happened before he entered gay porn.

Jimmy_coxx_mma_fighter_02 Jimmy_coxx_mma_fighter_01 

OTHER SPORTS He was already into different sports before he was a MMA Fighter.


Jimmy's look before entering porn.

Jimmy_coxx_beforeporn_01 Jimmy_coxx_beforeporn_02 
Jimmy_coxx_beforeporn_03 Jimmy_coxx_beforeporn_04 

REQUEST Porn imitating real life, please make a scene with Jimmy as a wrestler & a football player.


Twice the fun for fans of Will Helm this week

WITH CONDOM Will Helm's latest scene released this week by Falcon Studios is with Roman Heart (FYI Roman already did bareback. It was with his former lover Benjamin Bradley).

Will_helm_roman_heart_01 Will_helm_roman_heart_02 

WITHOUT CONDOM Tim Tales's latest is also with Will Helm where he barebacked his lover Kriss. This is the second third website the lovers paired up. The first one was at Eric Videos and the second one is Rawrotica (thanks mar.ble)


Will Helm confirmed on Facebook that he only did bareback scenes with his lover Kriss Aston.